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Nowadays, movies can be seen on various platforms. People are divided in their opinion, while some hold the view that the use of portable electronic devices such as phones is better than going to the cinema, others believe that to have maximum satisfaction seeing a movie the cinema is better. In my opinion, the former is more enjoyable.
There are many ways to study and understand the academic subjects. Many people believe that in all education levels, that is from elementary education to graduate studies, preference is given to theoretical teachings than learning from experiments. This essay agrees with the above opinion and discusses some of the reasons behind this belief.
Some people think that the growth of economy is likely to be a key role regarding the achievement of happy values, especially in developed countries. Meanwhile, I do believe that valuable economic is merely a part of satisfaction.
In recent years, the topic of experimenting on animals has been a controversial topic. Whilst some believe that testing health drugs on them is beneficial, others believe that is a violation of animal rights. Both views will be discussed before an opinion is reached.
Educational institutions have increasingly made electronic gadgets available to their students for learning hence, outdating books and printed materials. While this trend promotes better learning outcomes by increased availability of a wide range of information, it could be a source of distraction to the students.
There is a universal consensus that children ought to be taught how to differentiate good deeds from wrongdoings. It is therefore believed that serving punishments for doing wrong is necessary in learning this distinction. I completely agree with this point of view. I am also of the opinion that withdrawing certain privileges and being asked to kneel or face the wall are some that can be used to punish children for any bad behaviour.
The enhancements in the medical industry have improved overall life acceptance to a further limit. Eventually, this resulted in a major population of a country belonging to a senior age group of 65 in many parts of the world, which furthermore effected the economy and increased the medical budget for a middle-class family. Nevertheless, these issues can be easily controlled by the introduction of better planning and extending the retirement age.
It is important to consider how violence influences people, and what its root causes are? While some people contend that one of the major reason of violence is media, other deem that it is trifial. I tend to partially agree with the statement, and in this essay, I will support my views with examples.
Apart from food and water, health care needs are fundamental to human survival. For this, many people are proposing for countries to provide these services free to their citizens even if the expensive ones such as the newer therapeutic options are not included. I completely agree with this viewpoint.
A considerable number of people assert that young people shouldn’t hold leading positions in our countries. Others, myself included, are, on the other hand, opponents of the aforementioned view, claiming that youth represent a better fit for leading governments. As far as I am concerned, the underlying advantages and disadvantages inherent to the brought forth prompt must be pondered upon prior to reaching a firm conclusion.
An individual has to go through various stages during one’s life and each stage brings different kind of happiness. Many thinkers believe that the adolescence is the most joyous time, while others think that adulthood is more enjoyable part of lifetime of a person. Both of these views along with my opinion are discussed in this essay.
As the result of globalisation it has become increasingly useful to be able to speak another language. Many believe that elementary school children should be though another language, whereas others believe that this will only be impactful at a later stage. Both views will be discussed before an opinion is made.
It is thought that the government should pristine financing the academic sector over the health sector. While I applaud the authority for funding both sectors, I however, disagree that education should get more funding
Curfews are imposed for various reasons and sometimes may be limited to certain age demographies in the society while at other times, it may involve a whole community. In parts of the US, a curfew which restricts movement of adolescents after a certain time, except in the company of an adult, is imposed. In my opinion, this is a welcome development, especially as it will help minimize teenage crimes, as well as enable parents exercise more control over their wards. This essay, will discuss reasons why this policy is a good one.
It is often argued that music is a universal language and could deliver a message effectively to people regardless of their religion, culture, and age. According to some, music could be a tool to help build a peaceful relationship between different societies and cultures and also an effective approach to bridge gaps between young and elderly people. I firmly agree with this notion and will illustrate the innumerable benefits of Music in our lives in this essay.
Nowadays, the composition of the family is different from what it used to be. Also, this change includes family responsibility. This essay will discuss the changes that are happening, while making a case that these changes are advantageous.
It is true that adopting fashionable clothes and consumers goods are growing trend among people. They tend to imitate each other, which depict the growing popularity of fashionable clothes and consumer items. I completely agree with this statement.
It is true that in recent year, many people have become over-reliant on using smart phones and tablet. While I agree that the proliferation of technology makes people decrease an interaction with their friends, I do not consider that a technical breakthrough is a cause of people losing a connection with each other.
It is true that nowadays, a lot of enterprises encourage qualified old employees to retire to make up room for the young ones. In my opinion, this decision is absolutely misguided.
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