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Many people, nowadays, can be seen going to areas with severe conditions such as too hot or too cold. While people who visit such places consider it adventurous and experience a sense of accomplishment in them, the negatives like extreme weather conditions and higher probability of being lost, are far greater.
Wedding ceremonies, nowadays, include large amounts of money and a considerable number of people as compared to the past. Peoples' habit of showing off, in my view, is one of the major reasons behind this trend. The aim of this essay is to explain why the phenomenon of over-budgeted and bigger marriage functions do more harm than good.
It is a debated issue whether stricter laws should be enacted to limit the impacts of noise or people ought to reach the peak of relaxing without worrying about the noise produced. From my perspective, both views are of the justification.
In this ages, society tend to do more travelling considered the past time. Now, this activities have been the famous daily need for the certain people. Remembering that activities has many benefits.
Nowadays, cell phones and online chatting are crucial for many people to interact with each other. In my opinion, although there are some drawbacks, benefits such as communicating faster and reaching larger areas are more important.
There is a controlversial debate that pupils should be offered only primary education if their country has high unemployment rate and it is not neccesary to offer secondary education because the chance of finding a job is little. I strongly belive this statement has many flaws such as undefined correlation between education and unemployment . Hence, I do not agree with it.
Arts is increasingly becoming an indispensable part in our current lives. While some people advocate the idea of free expression of artists, some regulations are allegedly taken into account to control the artistic creators. From my own perspectives, I do believe that they should be given rights to disclose their own messages under state legislations.
It is true that nowadays, tertiary students are prone to concentrate on their one specialist subject. However, some people support that universities should enlarge their curriculum to encourage students study various subjects. I totally agree that students need more knowledge besides their professional one.
It is the fact that there are a few of students chooses science-related subjects in current time. This causes from some transparent reasons and makes negative impacts on our society.
It is evident that television has a significant effect on children. While it is hard to determine whether the length of time spent on TV programs or its content has more marked impacts on preschoolers, I concur that both sides influence the behaviors of the youth equally.
In this 21st century, people are very much interested in enhancing skill and spending good time on different arts such as music, painting and being romantic with their partner with an old poem. While a group of supporter asking government to encourage special skilled person by providing them several benefits, another group is opposing the same thing and stating that it is worthless to spend money on it. This debate is a hot potato these days in the market.
Living in homes and working on sites with everything in a proper order makes our life much easier and comfortable. I agree with the above statement and I will express my opinion in the forthcoming paragraphs.
A large portion of individuals hold the opinion that, learning how to cook is an imperative quality to surive, therefore, cooking classes should be a part of school curriculums. On the contrary, some refute this belief and think that these classes would be a waste of valuable teaching time. I firmly disgree with this opinion.
A part of the society believes that the violence experienced nowadays, has as one of the responsible the tv and video game, while another part vehemently denies this connection. In my opinion, it is not in the media that we should put the blame.
These days, the government spends a large proportion of its budget not only on education, healthcare and other public services but also on arts. Although I believe that it is essential to spend money on public services, I do not think that investments in art are waste of money.
It is true that there is widespread concern over the practice of extreme sports, to the extent that some people argue that they should be outlawed by government legislation.While nobody should underestimate the risks, I would argue that people should be free to practice such sports if they so wish.
It is often argued that participating in video games is considered to be a loss of valuable time, therefore, it should be forbidden for kids to play them. I fully agree that children should be banned from playing computer games. This essay will; firstly, examine how the continuous use of these games is detrimental to a child’s optical health, secondly, discuss how their content may negatively impact children’s fragile minds.
Nowadays many parents often wonder if they should allow their children to stay at home until they are old enough to study at primary school or let them go to school as soon as impossible . Whereas, I would argue that sending children to educate council as early is the best choice.
Nowadays many parents often wonder if they should allow their children to stay at home until they are old enough to study at primary school or let them go to school as soon as impossible . Whereas, I would argue that sending children to school as early is the best choice.
Since the dawn of time people have been inclined towards replicating eachother in their habits and preferences. This can be seen by how the masses opt to wear similar types of clothing and purchase the same kinds of goods. I agree that this is true to some extent.
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