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Money plays a significant role in people's life. But money cannot buy all the happiness. In my opinion, even with less money, an individual can lead a joyful life, and there are various other aspects that lead to happiness.
It is believed by many intellectuals that the ongoing traditional education system is not up to the mark and is crippling the children’s innovative mind, which leads to the idea of complete reformation of the system. I firmly believe that there is no substitute of schooling, however the current system should be refurbished to have a better outcome. In this essay, we will further elaborate the fact and will also compare the outcome.
The pursuit of teaching as a profession by young people is declining. In my opinion, this is due to many causes including salaries and the amount of workload. However, there are solutions to mitigate these problems.
Tourism industry has recently observed a boom. Owing to this, English has become highly popular around the world and according to one school of thoughts, it will become the sole language to be spoken worldwide. Although a single global language will facilitate communication and knowledge sharing, it will be catastrophic for small languages.
In the pre-industrialization era, the idea of lengthy working hours was pretty much unknown to many people. But nowadays, due to increased globalization, people are working 24 hours a day and 7 a week. As a result, businessmen and entrepreneurs in many countries are opening their shops for the extended periods of time. This trend has both pros and cons associated with it.
The topic of whether children should be raised with a competitive spirit or imbibed with the tenets of co-operation remains a very controversial issue. This essay will discuss why grooming children with a competitive sense and teaching them team work are important. However, in my opinion, I believe that children should be taught about cooperation as opposed to competition whether healthy or not.
It is considered by some that spreading information about scientific research, business and academic must be encouraged whereas there are others who assume some information is vital or treasured. In my opinion, I believe some information is better kept undisclosed or shared at a cost.
Students have traditionally been taught in large lecture halls. However, the plausablility of this method of teaching is under scrutiny as online lecture delivery is increasingly being lobbied for. In my opinion, online teaching is a better alternative because it is time efficient as well as convenient for the students.
Art is a form of life. While many people today think that art as a subject in school is a waste of time, there are plenty who believe that it is an essential subject for kids at school. I strongly believe that art truly enhances the life of a kid and not only should be an essential subject in his or her coursework, but the kid should also be influenced to pursue his passion
Owing to present health challenges , it is advisable to switch towards vegetable diet .I disagree with this suggestion because diet only consisting of vegetables causes nutritional deficiencies and eating vegetables produced as a result of advanced agricultural techniques predispose us to lethal diseases.
Technology has greatly affected every aspect of life including communications. Communicating with recent technology means it is irrelevant to write letters. In my opinion, I think, with modern communication it is completely irrelevant to write letters. This essay will highlight reasons why writing of letters is irrelevant and, it will also give supporting examples from my own knowledge.
Some argue that the wealthy nations of the world have a bigger responsibility in addressing climate change whereas, others think that it is equally the responsibility of a developing country as any developed country. I completely agree that the advanced economies of the world should do more to address global warming and change in climate as they are the major contributors to the problem and developing countries can only do a little because of resource constraints.
Throughout the last fifty years, the number and the variety of places serving meals has been dramatically increasing in most cities of the world. Therefore, it is debated whether domestic or restaurant food should be preferred. Whilst I broadly agree that home cooking is better than dining out, I have a number of reservations about this.
Being wealthy is considered a necessity for most individuals. However, it is often argued that, the main reason why people seek to be financially buoyant, is because it affords them the chance to impact the lifes of others. I completely agree with this point of view, because of two main reasons which will be discussed in this essay.
Residing in a country where one has to communicate in a foreign language comes with some challenges. Because of the need to speak such language often, there can be some practical, as well as social problems. I strongly agree with this assertion and this essay will elucidate on this.
The prisons were created way back in the ancient time in order to punish people who committed crime. The majority of the people believe that, individuals who are committed minor crimes such as thieves and blackmailing etc. should be punished in term of community work on unpaid basis. I am partly agree on the condition unpaid work because, even though criminals have families and they need sort of some money to survive.
Humans are completely responsible for the adverse effect on forests and animals globally. Some people believe that it cannot be recoverable while the majority of the people are confident about the positive change, if we took corrective action in order to preserve the plants and animal species. In my opinion, it is 100 percentages possible that we can bring back change with a positive approach towards nature.
We have been living during the period when people are perhaps more image conscious than ever before due to social media and the influence of airbrushing in daily life and in the workplace. In my opinion, the work performance is necessary but it is not plays an important in workplace.
Heritage is the most treasured element of any society yet these ancient monuments are not visited by local people. The absence of local footfalls on such sites is because of the lack of curiosity to visit these places. However, the organisation of events at such places can encourage people to visit these sites often.
Student lives have become more dependent on computer technology. There are many problems associated with this topic. This essay will discuss one of these problems and somehow provide a solution for it.
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