IELTS Writing Samples Band 7.5

Over the years, it is a common trend for workers to get little or no exercise while working or even during their free period, and as a result of this they now have serious health issues. This essay will discuss the reason why workers get insufficient exercise and also provide a viable solution to this menace. The essay will state that the competitive labour force is the primary reason for insufficient rest and also include mandatory participation in breaks as a solution.
Compare to the previous years, many individuals now prepare to have kids in their late age. The reason is that they believe that they ought to be financially buoyant before having kids. Despite the fact, the gain of this trend is that they already have the resources to care for them, but this development also come with drawbacks that the kids might still be young when their parent retired as well as the mother having complication during child birth. In my opinion, the setbacks are more than the benefit it may have.
Disposing of debris has become a humungous problem to society. Because there are no proper measures to discharge the waste. In this essay I shall discuss my view about the increase in garbage collection and I shall also discuss on ways the government can do to reduce the waste collection.
There are a lot of reasons that people have to try their best to work hard, to get a success; and one of them is getting the promotion. Getting promotion is one of the biggest drives for people to work hard in the modern workplace which considered a higher and better position in career.
In the last few decades, we have witnessed a globalization process of unprecedented scale. A byproduct of this process is a shift in the previous national paradigm as the government's responsibility seem to dwindle and people demand to enable private groups to assume a lot more responsibility. In my opinion, the truth lies somewhere in the middle as some areas can become private yet others have to remain in trusted governmental hands.
Although many consider that having an extra high income benefit the country, others still think that governments should allow pays only to a certain limit. In my view, I believe that salaries should not be set above a specific level as it helps the individuals to combat inequality and bring harmony to the society
Fees for gaining entrance into arts and cultural centres where artefacts, paintings, engravings can be watched are expensive, so according to some, this ought to be more affordable to teenagers under eighteen years of age. In my opinion, I disagree that having admission into the museums and historic sites should be at a particular cost as this will enhance the maintenance of the facilities and provide a source of revenue generation for the state.
Visibility of violence in media is increasing each day. While some people opine that the television series and digital games full of violence have a detrimental impact on the community around us, others claim that there is hardly any danger to the society. I believe that violence in the media does influence a lot of people’s conduct and actions, especially children.
It is argued that possessing a huge amount of wealth is the best way to achieve joy in life. Undeniably, money can fulfil the materialistic needs of an individual who seeks elation from such accomplishments. However, money is not the only key to happiness. There are other ways as well and simple everyday things like enjoying a hot coffee on a cold morning or sharing the dinner table with loved ones can also make us happy and delighted. Helping people in need such as homeless children and destitute sections of the society is another way to find happiness in life.
Happiness is the most admirable feeling. While some people believe that possess a huge amount of wealth would make a person happy, by acquiring anything in the world with the power of money. However, the real joy is in the sharing dining table with loved ones or donating food to the needy. In this essay, I will discuss both the statements with the suitable examples.
Traders should give more importance to selling domestic foods than the foreign foods. Although it will be beneficial for the vendors, I believe that they should sell all varieties because of the reasons explained in the essay.
Happiness in life is of utmost importance. It is considered by some that the predominant source of happiness is to possess excessive money. This essay will highlight how exorbitant amount of money possession lead to happiness and also other factors, which account for happiness.
In todays world, having the right talent can make you famous. In my opinion, being famous at an adolescent age has more negative impact than a positive one. In my essay I will share my views on the same.
All over the world, flora and fauna are affected by human actions. It is argued by some that the damage is already done, while others hold the belief that restoration activities can still have a positive effect. Though the negative effects are undeniable, I'm of the opinion that there is still time to restore the ecosystem.
In some countries, in recent years the mean weight of people has increased substantially and the scale of their fitness and health has continued to decrease. In this essay, I will discuss some of the causes of these problems and also suggest some solutions.
There is no doubt that online shopping is in the trend. If the e-shopping keep expanding at a present rate, there will be no market left for the offline shoppers. The proliferation of e-commerce websites all over the world has raised the question for the shop vendors. I completely agree with this statement and explain my views with examples.
The advancement in technology has allowed the development of different machines. However, a debatable topic is whether these technological innovations cause more harm than good to man. This essay will discuss the reason why the advantages surpass the disadvantages.
In the twenty first century, many societies opt for wasting money on their marriage ceremonies for leisure. Whilst a sector of the society claims that the newly married couples may suffer from financial hardships, others have a diverse opinion. I fully agree with the formal belief, because this social trend leads to a detrimental impact on the financial stability of the husbands and wives, and this will be manifested in the following paragraphs.
Due to technological developments and globalisation, nowadays, people are more concerned about their safety because most of the technologies are used for the destructive purpose. Public officials play an important role in providing a protective environment for the public. So, some inhabitants are of the view that the country should spend more on a defensive purpose rather on other social purposes. But, I sternly believe that other benefits should be used in such a way, that people do not need any external help for their safeties.
The majority of people have a belief that we will be always speaking true in our society. In my opinion, we can skip telling a truth to others for being a good communication with them. Unfortunately, it has both pros and cons on both statements. In this essay, I will illustrate with relevant examples to elaborate further.