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Throughout our history, man has wandered to newer lands and fertile river beds in search of occupational stability. The dawn of the 21st century has brought tremendous changes in technology which has had serious implications on human connections, mobility and work cultures.
People have different views about whether it is better for the culture of a country to import movies and TV shows from overseas or to attempt to produce them on in their own country. While such imports make a valuable contribution to national culture, I would argue that promoting local entertainment is a much better option.
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The internet is becoming ever more popular as a medium of instruction. Naturally, not all courses lend themselves to online teaching; hands-on subjects or those requiring physical involvement are inappropriate for this method. However, for those subjects that are suitable, this way of learning has numerous advantages.
It is true that the amount of private vehicles commuting on roads have been rising significantly in many metropolis areas of the world. Whereas some argue that the enhancing infrastructure costs should go to the authorities, others say that these costs should be covered by the commuters. Personally, I believe that both individuals and the government should equally share the bill.
It is argued by some people that all their earnings should be used for their personal needs and not taxed by the government. I disagree with this notion because taxation ensure equality in many societies and it is a means by which the government provide essential services and infrastructures.
Today, the popularity of fast foods is so prominent, that they have even replaced the conventional food which used to be an identity of a particular community. This trend has hampered the people both individually and socially. I totally agree with this perspective and this essay provides the reason regarding my opinion.
Owing to the development in technical knowledge over the period of years, man has been a major beneficiary of this new innovation. This essay will agree that new inventions has brought more help to human in communication and health.
It is true that developed countries provide financial aid to poorer countries to solve poverty, but it does not solve the economic problem because of several reasons like corruption. I moderately agreed with the point that this financial aid would be replaced with other type of help.
Planning for the future has been the most crucial aspect of human life. Some people argue that instead of worrying about the future, we should live in the present. This approach certainly has its own benefits, but I believe that making strategies for the future is more advantageous for a person who wants to succeed in his life.
From my everyday experience and observation I can stand that the best way of learning about life is through personal understanding. However, some people think that it is wiser to learn about life through listening to the advice of family and friends. It does not mean I totally disagree with this way of learning. Moreover, I think that it is wise for a person to take an intermediate position because each of these ways has its own advantages. Below I will give my reasons to support my point of view.
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Some people argue that full-time jobs is preferable due to their stable nature, while others believe that it is wise to choose casual jobs because of the flexibility they provide. Although casual jobs allow people to work on whatever time they are available, I believe that they should choose full-time jobs due to the security they provide to the employees.
Nowadays, wealthy nations are becoming wealthier and financially down countries are getting poorer. This essay will discuss cause of this development and solution to mitigate this issue.
People may vary in their opinions about whether it is highly reasonable for top athletes to be getting paid more than other critical professions. Personally, I strongly support that sports superstars deserve such high incomes.
It is true that electronic and technological devices are ever-present in the modern workplace. In my opinion, this development has drastically changed how we work, and over-reliance on technology may lead to some repercussions.
According to some scientists everyone will be speaking the same language in the future. If this prediction does come true, in my opinion, it will have both positive and negative ramifications.
People really like watching movies either at the cinemas or on their laptop. However, some people believe that watching movies is just a waste of time. In this essay, I shall give my personal opinion to oppose this statement.
It is argued by some people that the study of history does not contribute to the wealth of knowledge today while other people believe that the assessment of notable events in the past is essential to understand life today. Although the world is now different from what it was some years back, I am of the view that learning about the past would reveal valuable lessons to imitate or avoid.
The importance of studying history and learning from it was always been considered one of the most heated topics. Indeed, there are different points of view: someone thinks that history cannot teach anything, while others argue that it is a teacher of life from which everybody can learn, in order to avoid the same mistakes and create more rightful societies. I personally believe that studying history is the best way to improve human’s life and understand the world where we live. Consequently, this essay will focus on both opinions and it will explain my point of view.
A company’s productivity mainly depends on the staff’s talents in different aspects. While some people think that when hiring people the company’s priority should be finding people who are creative and self-reliant, others argue that the skill to work in a team is more important. I believe both independence and teamwork are necessary skills for an employee.
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Nowadays, people are conditioned to settle down later in their years than it was used to be before, and this essay will discuss this notion by providing arguments and examples to support ensuing positive effects.
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