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There has been arguing over technical development's advantages or not. I absolutely agree that this problem is harmful to our health. Advocates contend that inventions like the computer and television would be more helpf
A commonly held view is that the invention of electronic devices induce adverse influences on individuals' fitness status, because it caused people doing less exercise. This essay will argue why I strongly disagree with
The technology has covered a major part of the world and various electronic devices have been produced.As a result,many people do less physical acitivity.In this essay,I totally disagree with this statement and will prov
It is often seen that many people are beginning to do their activities from home as the impacts of technology become cheaper and more accessible. Personally, I agree that this gives a negative impact which includes the i
Electronic inventions such as computers, televisions, and game consoles are very entertaining. However, some people believe that these inventions cause less physical activity and have negative effects on human health.
At this moment in timi, as a result of electronic devices such as the computer and TV, people do less physical activity and this is damaging their health. I agree with the given statement which says that someone who does
There is no doubt that in today's society electric appliances have become an important part of our live. It will be true if I say that these devices have changed people's lives. As a result of this things, people are doi
Nowadays, technological developments have strongly changed human life. Electronic creations such as computers, tablets, and smart screens have led to sedentary lifestyles with resulting health problems. I positively agre
Some people believe that school should focus on entertaining students, while others consider educating them will help them for learning new things by new techniques. I partly agree with this declaration that students te
In the present days, the majority of people are heavily consuming time on electronic materials such as computers and televisions, and spend less time on their physical activities. This tends to affect their health negat
The invention of electronic devices such as computers and televisions makes people move less, which has a negative impact on their health. I am completely agreed and think the newest devices are distracting people, also,
In case of the invention of new high-tech devices people do less sports and it effects their health negatively. I completely agree with the statement, and tend to think that the percentage of persons who suffer from diab
In the past few decades, there is a considerable inclination of technology day by day. With regarding this, in today's age individuals do not play physical activity and they have more time utilise on electronic devices l
No one can deny that numerous people are depending on electronics in various countries around the world, and the numbers are yet increasing. Saying that I totally agree that the situation has some serious drawbacks for o
There is no doubt that the electronic revolution makes pupils inactive and causes their health to be affected. However, human life has been easier. In spite of, it is believed that our life would have more issues if we
There is no doubt that the electronic revolution makes pupils inactive and cause their health be affected. However, the human’s life has been easier. Despite, it is believed that our life would have more issue, if we sto
There is no doubt that the electronic revolution makes pupils inactive and cause their health be affected. However, the human’s life has been easier. Despite, I undebatably reckon that our life would have more issue, if
Since the arrival of electronic inventions, human's lifestyles have dramatically changed. Less physical activities were required to fulfill daily tasks, which has brought numerous convinences to human but crafted several
Since the arrival of modern technology, electrical devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, become more accessible than previously. However, such variant has contributed to the occur of multiple civilization disease,
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