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Many believes that young people should make use their free time more productively than to do shopping. I In my opinion, the reasons for this are the internet and the stress coming from work; and I believe that young people should try to do other kind of a
Nowadays, youngsters enjoy going shopping during leisure times. I think the ever changing trend is the major reason for this development. However, this attitude should be frowned at and young adults should be encouraged to engage in productive activitie
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Today's young generation have taken a keen interest in availing themselves to shopping activities during their breaks. In my opinion, this is because of financial stability of their parents and technological discoveries. Although, shopping great, I would
In recent times, due to increase of modernization, people's approach towards hobbies has changed drastically, especially among young people. At present shopping has become a favourite pass time. According to me, I believe this kind of activity is totally
The interest in going shopping is growing considerably especially among youngsters. In my opinion, this happens because of big malls and plazas which had been built, over these years. Nevertheless, they should be motivated to do sports activities rather t
In modern days, many youths spend their time shopping. If we examine the reasons behind this phenomenon,we notice that media is one of the main reasons behind it. Furthermore, young people should be motivated to take part in different activities that may
Nowadays, we can't deny that shopping has become one of the most popular activities for the teenage group. We can see many groups of young people seeking new products in different areas or methods such as malls, markets, or online applications. Although,
In this era, Young people love shopping and in doing so spend a good amount of their time with friends, especially window shopping where people go out to see their favourite things on display.
Shopping used to be an activity limited to only those who are able to afford it financially. As the society progress, more and more young people enjoy spending their free time on shopping. A major contributor to this trend is the advancement of internet t
Nowadays, youngsters spend most of their free time in shopping or at least hanging out in shopping centres. This has been happening for many reasons, and in my opinion, both government and parents should encourage them to take part of different activities
As societies continue to approach to the excessive consumerism more and more, younger generation are choosing activities like shopping as a passtime and leisure in their free time. This growing trend I believe is due to promoting bad consumption patterns
In present days, many youngsters encourage to go shopping in their leisure time. This is why people believe a day is well spent on shopping, as they can buy lots of stuff and time will go by so quickly. In the following paragraph, I will discuss what coul
It is widely noted that these days, many youngsters tend to spend more of their free time in shopping malls. Even though it is required, it should not always be the case and in my opinion, pastime activities should include recreation.
It has been universally acknowledged that the problem of violence in TV shows and video games is escalating at an alarming rate in the current scenario. This problem has been of a depressing magnitude. Although a plethora of reasons is there yet some sens
Admittedly, shopping is now considered as a new favourite pastime most adolescents pay attention to since it gives them pleasantness. There are immense factors why this circumstance happens including the influences of media and celebrities. However, exces
It is argued that many teenagers nowadays spend a lot of their time in shopping centres, which has become their favourite pastime since it is easier to attract young people than older people. This essay agrees with the suggestion entirely that others, rat
Young people have a lot of free time and what they do with it is important. Shopping is considered a common free time activity among young people. However, many people believe that the youth should engage in other activities, and I completely agree with t
İt is true that people between the ages of fifteen and thirty like buy some things for themselves these days. I think, there are a lot of reasons for this situation and they need to directed new pastimes.
Nowadays, purchasing new products is the most desired pastime activity among the youth. They are getting addicted to it because of the advancements in shopping services and fashion trends and especially, online shopping systems made shopping more convenie
Time is changing and so are the favourite pastimes of youngsters. Nowadays, most of the youngsters spent their free time roaming in malls shopping. This trend can be ascribed to a number of reasons and it must be addressed by definite actions which will b
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