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Nowadays, many people find it difficult to exercise in their daily life, especially those who live in cities. So in this essay, we will explain what are the causes of the scarcity of activities and give some possible so
Exercise is one of the most important activity to maintain healthy lifestyle. However, these days it is hard for majority of urban people to do exercise. This essay will discuss the cause of it and will provide the soult
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Nowadays, people living in urban areas cannot get sufficient physical exercise has become an increasing problem. From my perspective, this phenomenon is mainly caused by the lack of sufficient public areas in cities and
It is true that people who live in big towns do not have time to work, and the number of people not exercising is increasing. So, this is a big problem in many cities. This essay will discuss this problem and will give r
In the modern world, many people prefer to live in a big town because they think that if they live in a big city, they will have a good future and these places have new technology more than a rural city. While other thin
A common problem in the city is that many residents do not have enough workouts, thus being prone to health problems. In this essay ,it will elaborate on the reasons behind the phenomenon and propose feasible solutions.
It is said that getting enough physical exercise is difficult for citizens and there are several reasons why. In my view, a lot of solutions could be taken to tackle this issue.
It is not easy for resident in the nations to get enough do exercise. This essay will outline a number of causes for this trend and a number of possible solutions to help tackle the issue.
Many peoples said that enough physical exercise is a requirement to be healthy, other than a good diet and enough sleep after daily activities. However, there is a tendency that people in the urban area does not to get p
There is a problem presented that people find doing exercise sufficiently difficult when living in civic areas. This essay will first elaborate on the primary culprits rendering these far-reaching repercussions.
It is true that people living in urban cities are less likely to get sufficient physical exercise, which damages individuals to some extent. This essay outlines the causes of this issue and provides measures to address t
Human society develops with the cost of the animal world. Many species are being pushed to the verge of extinction. Industrial expansion and illegal rampant hunting are the driving force behind such a tragedy. Therefore
It is true that people who are living in the centre lack exercise. This essay will examine the reasons as well as some possible solutions to this problem.
Physical activity is essential in maintaining health and it is not an easy task for urban citizens to get optimum exercise due to many factors in their life.That includes being busy or having less opportunity or many ot
Many individuals residing in the cities find it hard to do workouts.There are various factors that lead to this issue, but there are certain measures that can help in overcoming the problem of less involvement of city pe
Despite the enormous benefits being served by cities, it is becoming challenging for city dwellers to get a reasonable amount of bodily exercise. Hectic work schedule and unapproachable and insufficiency of amusement fac
Because of the lack of enough space and facilities in apartments in the cities, people are struggling to get fit from workouts. The underlying reasons along with plausible measures are analysed in the ensuing paragraphs.
In the modern society, it is undeniable that people who live in a city get less physical exercise due to the the progress of the urbanization and the development of the technology. It is important for citizens to raise t
The bar chart demonstrates the production and the consumption of electricity in the top ten countries that are asserted to be the following : China, the US, Russia, Japan, India, Canada, France, Brazil, Germany and Korea
Doing yoga and exercise is the key to the healthy life. Nowadays, it has been impossible for the population living in the rural areas to do any kind of physical exercises .The following essay will throw light on what ca
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