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Living in a foreign country has both benefits and drawbacks. Even though it might create some problems or discomforts initially, the fact that it has serious social and practical issues is totally disagreeable. Language, which is the means of communication between two people cannot create any problems if it is used in a proper way.
There has been a huge controversy that immigration and language barriers have some social, economical, and practical problems and can lead to many issues. I would entirely disagree to the above mentioned statement and let’s discuss some reasons to come to a concrete decision.
People who live abroad, which force them to speak a foreign language is believed to face crucial social and practical issues in balance. In my opinion, as a non-native speaker, practical matters are more possible to occur more than social problems. This essay will explain how incorrect foreign language usage can affect both problems in society.
Moving overseas for higher-education or looking for greener pastures is the major trend, these days.Individuals taking active participation in these has to deal with foreign language regularly. Some people think that this can result in some social and practical problems. I completely agree with aforementioned statement and will discuss same in detail in below mentioned paragraphs.
The graphs show the time it takes employees to commute to their workplaces , and the mode of transport they use . Figures are given for both inside and outside London .
A strong command over the language is the most imperative aspect of communication in a foreign country. Immigration has become a very common process in almost all the countries across the world due to which many foreigners find it to communicate and face lot of problems. This essay will argue that language plays a very important role for the survival in a foreign country.
It is observed that people have to face many critical issues both social and practical, when they migrate to overseas and are required to deal with a nonnative language. In my opinion, this notion can be accepted entirely as this creates a fragmented society and less productivity at work places.
Communication is an effective tool in bringing people together. Some persons argue that habiting in certain nation where an individual is required to speak their native language could lead to social and physical conflicts. I completely agree to the statement because it could lead to depression and unemployment.
It is considered that if a human being lives abroad where they are not a native speaker, some social and practical issues can be caused. In my view, I rather disagree with the statement because living among people communicating in foreign language results in improving language proficiency. Moreover, in most cases, people speaking a foreign language have other cultural features, therefore, it is a good experience.
Given the alien surrounding , many people may face difficulty in expressing their intention and emotions to others in a foreign language. Voice tone and slang may differ for each nationality , causing an opportunity for misunderstanding. For instance , Korean tend to speak slowly ,while British speak faster . When Korean visits Britain they feel like being treated rudely , even though that is not the case. Similarly , oral communication in an unfamiliar language can create cultural barriers. Various accents lead to biased opinions among native speakers as a disgrace to their language . As a result , it can lead to serious backlashes such as the one that occurred in Germany during the world war .
There is no doubt these days immigration became one of the common issues while people looking forward to achieve their goals either needs, they forced to acquire the language of the region which may be a major issue in the social and practical aspects. While, I tend to believe there is a number of benefits of living in a foreign country, I agree living there poses an acute problem for the foreigners.
Human is a social animal. All humans need to communicate with one another in any of the languages they know.Even a dumb person learns sign language to communicate the ideas and talk to the other person.Living in a foreign country with a different set of language can a obstacle for some people unless the person is willing to learn the new language and adapt himself or herself to the new environment.For a new person shifting to germany and all of a sudden people around him start to speak german langauge can have a negative impact on him.this will affect his ability to speak or communicate with people around him.He will be socially isolated from the college or the group of friends he has and will affect his mental balance.While he will be staing there going out and buying stuff would also be problem as he would not be aware of the language comprehension.
In today's time, there are millions of people travelling to and from one country to another for various reasons. From visa application to ticketing and then the modes of transport, have all become streamlined and less convoluted, whereas language is still that one hurdle of international travelling that even after so many years, is yet to be overcome. I personally have experienced this issue hence, I totally agree with the notion.
The ability to speak different languages could help to prevent unnecessary problems. Some people believe that if a person has to speak a foreign language in a country that he/she lives in, may lead to many social and practical problems. In this essay, I will explain why I strongly agree with it as I believe this would cause many issues for them.
Habitation abroad has made it mandatory for the dwellers in a foreign country to speak differently than their native country. It is argued that this can leads to social and practical issues. I do not agree with this opinion as the people who opt to live abroad prepare themselves to be part of the new culture.
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