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A lot of consuming products are made with a considerable amount of sugar which can be the reason of many health problems. We are going to discuss, whether it is appropriate to increase the price of these products in orde
It is generally debated that sugary products which are the main reason for various deadly diseases should be priced higher to promote a healthy diet in society. However, while I believe that such an approach is effective
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These days, more and more people are impacted by various health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure due to an increased intake of packaged foods, which have high sugar levels. Some people believe that such pro
Nowadays, usage of food and drinks that contain high level of fat and sugar which are produced by modern factories is increasing worldwide. In fact, governments are responsible to enhance people's well-being by managing
Nowadays, most food and drink products produced by modern factories such as chocolates, cakes, and juices have a high level of sugar. Moreover, governments can protect people's well-being by managing the usage of these t
In today's world, most consumables contain processed sugar and as a result consumption is the biggest reason for many health-related issues. Therefore some believe that sugary food and drinks should be priced high in
In today's world, most of the consumables contain processed sugar and as a result of consuming in the biggest reason for many health related issues. Therfor some belive that that sugary food and drinks should be priced h
Even though, I agree that the consumption of more concentrated sugar including foodstuffs and beverages has caused various diseases in people. In my point of view, the intake of high sugar-containing items cannot be mad
It is sometimes argued whether products which contain sugar should be more expensive to limit people's ability to buy such carbohydrate products or not. I completely disagree with this statement for several reasons which
A large number of manufactured food and drink products have high sugar content which is linked to numerous health issues. The price of sugary products should be increased to force consumers to cut down on their sugar int
It is believed that snacks and soft drinks produced contain a huge amount of sugar, making individuals suffer some health issues. While I believe that increasing the price of these products will partly stop people from c
A number of manufactured food and beverage products contain excessive levels of sugars, which can lead to numerous health issues. Hence, sugary products should be made more costly to persuade people to consume less sugar
Some individuals believe that sugary products should be more expensive, and with this increasement in price there would be a consume reduction. I totally agree with this statement not only because sugar has a direct imp
Recently, whether our food is healthy or not is critical issue not only for ourselves but also governments which have to keep people's health. Because certain foods include a great amount of sugar, some people have discu
Nowadays many factories which apply food and beverages manufacture include numerous amount of sugar in the products. It leads to spreading health problems among the customers. Prices on this category of products should b
Consuming foods and beverages which are rich in simple carbohydrates like glucose and sucrose, leads to many health issues in a society. Some people believe in order to discourage people from buying highly sweet products
A countless number of scientific studies lend support to the confirmation that myriad highly processed food and beverages containing a massive quantity of sugary substances can be a contributing factor to various detrime
The excessive consumption of sugary food and drinks is the main cause of some diseases. Some people opine that one of the effective methods to tackle the problem is increasing the price of these products. I totally disag
The issue of overconsuming sugary products and associated health problems has caused widespread concern among the public. Therefore, many contend that an increase in the prices of these products may discourage consumptio
Nowadays, many people like to eat junk food that contains high levels of sugar and this causes a series of problems, for example, diseases and an increase in weight. The only way to reduce this issue is increasing the p
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