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From the moment, people started living together as one unit which is famously known as family, its norms and costumes have been changing nonstop. These days, lots of mothers and fathers motivate their children to leave home when they are 18 or older, whereas some believe that their young ones are better off living with them.
It is widely held belief that some of the parents motivate their adolescents to stay away from them after being matured. But, at the same time there is a counter argument amongst some sections of the people that they should hold with their family even though they are aged. However, I am of the opinion that it is a matter to be debated in light of several factors before any conclusion is drawn.
Deciding if the children are of age to live on their own or continue to live in their father's house is becoming an increasing debate as some people think this should be encouraged while others think otherwise. This essay will discuss both views as well as give its own opinion on the topic.
The encouragement of living away from home or stay with family is debatable. Many parents believe that it is much more effective way to make their children responsible while others do not. This essay will discuss both side of argument in detail and provide evidence that why living alone is superior.
As the previous decade has been considered as the Industrial revolution similarly this decade will be considered as a cultural revolution. And due to extreme attraction of people to the Western culture and lifestyle, many parents encourage young people to leave home when they become older. While other people are against it and framing it as a wrong practice, I take it as a better approach to survive in this competitive world. Instead of having disadvantages on my take I am explaining it to prove that it is a more efficient and appropriate style. My opinion is discussed further.
Some parents encourage children to leave the home once they become adults; others want adult children to continue to live with them. Both views will be discussed in this view. However, in my opinion, children should leave the parental home rather than staying with them.
It is thought by some that urging children to abandon their family home at an early age is beneficial.Others believe that it is better if they stay longer with their families. In my opinion staying longer has many advantages.
In the modern world, many people are keen to stay at home, when they become older. In this regard, some people believe that they should leave the house, when they get a certain age. However, others feel that forcing young people to departure is not a viable option, as they always have a right to live with their family members. Personally, I believe that adult person should take a decision by themselves. If they are willing to stay at home, parents should allow them to live with the family under the one roof.
With the tremendous influence of modernisation, remarkable changes have taken place in current family structure and family values to such extent that, nowadays youngsters are motivated by parents to live alone as they grow up. However, some people are of the view that it is more practical for youngsters to live at home with their parents.
On the journey to adulthood, young people might be sometimes confronted with tough choices, including accomodation. While a host of parents want their children to have independent lives when they grow older, other protective ones are of the opinion that adolescents had better continue living with their family. Both the views and the reasons why I side with the latter will be analysed in this essay.
Some parents believe that their children should live independently after they reach adulthood, some others think that, children should take care of their elderly parents and live with them. Although there are enough evidences to prove both points, I agree with the second point.
In recent times, a myriad of parents often motivate youngsters to move out of the houses once they have grown into adults so that they can be self-directed and create a unique path of their own. While a few people accord with this notion, others oppose this view and stress that children should stay with their parents indefinitely. In my opinion, both these arguments need proper scrutinization before reaching a conclusion.
In this modern world, I think the meaning of success of people is totally changed as compared to 10 years back. Previously, the human is successful if they are able to feed properly and take care of family while staying with them. However, in present everyone looking for luxury lifestyle and they moving towards western culture, for that, I guess people has to come out of their comfort zone. As a result, some thought of leaving home is better than staying at home and vice versa. Personally, I think its better to not sit in the house rather go and explore the world in your way. I will prove my point of view further.
Leaving children out of a family can be painful experience for most of the families. However, there are some people who think that it should be essential, others consider the youngsters should reside with parents. In my opinion, the young adults require to leave their home and build their own life because which make them independent and responsible.
Parental care and support is essential during childhood. However, these days many children, rarely, stay with their parents as they have a busy work-life and early schooling. This scenario may have some repercussions such as behavioural changes and poor academic performance.
With the tremendous influence of modernisation, remarkable changes have taken place in the family structure to such an extent that nowadays, youngsters are motivated by their parents to live alone as they grow up. However, some people are of the view that it is more practical for a youngster to live with their family.
In general, living with family is a common thing, but nowadays in the modern world, many parents encourage their children to leave home when they become an adult. However, some parents disagree with this view. This essay will discuss both views and give a concluding idea.
Some parents believe that their children should stay with themselves until adolescence despite their gender, education, occupation. On the other hand, based on some disciplines, others think their children must be independent and separate from them as soon as possible. We will discuss both aspects and reach a conclusion.
Beyond qualm, family plays a momentous in every tom, dick, and harry's life. presently, majority of parents stimulate of their springs to leave their residential place when they become adult whilst other's people considered that young people must have stayed with their family.
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