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In the days of the 21st century, delaying possessing offspring is the decision of more people. From my perspective, adults derive great upsides from that choice, which overweigh the drawbacks emerged
With a paradigm shift in social belief and people's fascination about having an enviable career, they tend to become parents at a later stage than the past. There are some prominent reasons for this and I personally believe that it has more negative consequences.
Nowadays, most of the people opt to give birth later in life. This is because of inflation and hard to get jobs. And there are more advantages to this as compared to drawbacks as we will discuss.
In modern society, there has been a major concern that many couples have delayed parenthood. Some explanations for this social trend is considered that career, changes in social belief, women empowerment, escalating living expenses, increased life expectancy are the most prominent reason why a large number of pairs decide to have babies in their later age. In my belief advantages of having children later in life outweigh its demerits.
Nowadays, an increasing number of people has their children in a later age tan people from past generations. It is agreed that having children at a later age can provide a couple with more maturity and stability. Therefore, the essay will, fistrly, talk about some of the reason why this trend increases with the time, and secondly, discuss the most important advantage of taking such a decision.
No doubt, having children is important decision in everyone's life. However, these days most people take decisions to have baby in their later age as compared to past. This essay will going to explain the the reasons behind this phenomenon and also going to mention the benefits of this decision.
Many think that, in contrast to the past, there is an increasing number of people who choose to have children later in life because of the changes in the roles of the individuals. In my opinion, the issue of bearing a child as older adults can bring more problems than its advantages.
Nowadays, more and more people prefer to have kids late. The main reason is that they want to spend more time on their careers as well as their personal experiences. Personally, I believe that this lifestyle brings more benefits that drawbacks.
The world resources are in danger. Although human are fully aware of the importance of biodiversity, their activities are threatening the ecosystem in many ways that are leading to the extinction of species and degradation in biodiversity. This essay will discuss the many causes of the loss of biodiversity and the extinction of species while providing some solutions to solve them.
I strongly believe that school should teach their students to manage their money as early as possible. There are two main reasons behind this and there are reasons and example to support it. These two areas are bad spending behavior and the future demand urgency.
Having childrens are the most importent part of life. present days lot of people tend to give birth to kids in their later age. This essay will provide information why people avoid having children soon by outweighing advantages and disadvantages.
In the past, the parents used to give birth to children at very early stages of their married life. However, with the shift in lifestyle, nowadays, people prefer to have kids later in their life. This trend has its advantages and disadvantages and this essay will discuss them.
Having children and growing them up is a tedious task. There are parents that have a different perspective to it. Some prefer it earlier and some at a later stage. Especially, today's parent are more focused on concentrating on a career and proper planning before they think about a child. Let's see some points that butt rests the fact.
Nowadays, many couples are willing to prepare pregnancy not the same ages as the old days. In the following paragraphs, there are several reasons to examine this situation in depth. In addition, there are influences might be happened to the families.
Children are the blessings of God, having a child can make your life happier. Planning a child at an early age or a later age is a debatable topic. In this essay we will argue that going for kids at a later age is good or bad.
An increasing number of people are now a days preferred to delay their marriage and to have offspring when compared to around two decades ago. The people claim that there are a lot of reason behind this relative change of people’s mind. Even though this change has brought few advantages, the negative impacts it has been caused to families, community, country and so on are unmeasurable. Therefore, this essay will discuss the both benefits and cons of this phenomena before coming to the conclusion.
In the modern world, it is observed by some authorities and politicians that people have been preferring to be a parent later mid-ages when compared to the past. Economic reasons and career ambition have caused that the people postponed having a child. I believe that having a child in later age has more advantages not only individuals but also for society.
In this modern age, many couples tend to build up their families with an appearance of children in the later stages of life. From my point of view, the advantages of this tendency are prevailing over its disadvantages. This essay will discuss why giving birth late brings people a balance between their finances and private lives; however, this is not always a good choice for women who are over the age of 35 due to their physical health.
currently, there are more and more people make a decision not to bear offsprings when they are young and wait until they get older. in this essay, i would like to give some reasons for this and in my opinion, there would be more negative impacts than positive ones.
In this era of globalization and higher education, people are spending a major share of their lives dedicated to their career whilst delaying their family life. As a result, there is an increasing trend to have children in the later years compared to the previous generations. While this life-choice has its own sets of pros and cons, I believe that the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages.
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