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Nowadays, some people believe that world-class athletes being an inspiration for younger generation whereas, others debate that their influence can create negative impact on the upcoming generation. However, I believe th
Nowadays, professional athletes play a pivotal role in influencing teenagers. This is the reason why many people argue that positive influences outweigh the negative ones. In the following paragraphs, both of these persp
There are so many influential people around us whom we consider our role models who inspire and motivate us . In the midst of change, people like to choose celebrities like actors , sportsman, singers and many more. the
One of the issues currently being discussed is that many sportsmen are example for imitation for the younger generation. From my perspective, it's hard not to admit that sport is indeed an important part of many people's
It is commonly argued by people that world-class athletes make good role models for many youngsters whereas others opine that they do not make good role models. In this essay, I will delve into both views and express my
In comperorary epoch, a part of the society believe that professional athletes have positive effects on society as role models, while skeptics reckon that their behaviour can have negative effect on the mind of youngster
There is a belief that when professional athletes behave badly, whether on or off the court, it has a negative impact on young people's perceptions. However, I disagree with this point of view, as sports stars are exempl
A group of individuals consider athletes to a positive example for the youth while other claim that their behavior can lead to negative effects be it on the filed or not. While the pints by the latter group may have some
There is an increasing number of talented people and how they give amazing contribution. It is often argued that any sports figure create a good fame for the youngster to develop their future career, whilst the others do
In modern society today, the impact of sports professionals on young people has been debated in public. Although some believe that these sportsmen serve as positive icons, others argue that their behavior can have negati
In this era the most people think if celebrities such as actors and athletes could be their role models. It's fine if the role models give them a good or positive example. Celebrities can be positive role models due to t
professional athletes are the pride of every country and they serve as positive role models for every level of generations including yougsters. their behaviour on and off the field does influence young people easily as t
Some people argue that the younger generation should consider successful sportsmen as their idols, while others discuss that their behavior which is applyed both on and off the field is unhealthy and could have a negativ
Throughout history, people have always shown interest in different kinds of sports. This led to the creation of Olympic games and it motivated people towards sharpening their skills and reaching better results. Sports ha
Some people claim that professional athletes act as great role models for young people.However,others argue that their conduct on and off the field has a detrimental impact.This essay will analyse both opposite ideas and
The influence of sports individuals on youth is necessarily important regarding some’s viewpoints; others, however, claim that they might cause negative for them. I partly agree with the former assertion although the lat
It is reckoned by a large group of people are being performed good image towards the young generation. Whereas negative behaviour is being affected by sports players. However, the national players play a certain impact o
It is clear that people love watching sports. There are so many athletes esteemed throughout their countries, and some of them even have fans all around the planet. Particularly young people, view athletes as role model
sportsmen are amongst the most famous people in society and others follow their lifestyles. some people believe that some youngsters find their life way by imitating sportsmen’s lifestyles and athletes could have a posit
Some people think that the greatest athletes play excellent parts in advertising that guide youngs in good direction, but others evaluate their commercial activity as unpleasant deceiving manner. I would discuss both poi
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