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A lot of time is wasted on informative knowledge which may not be helpful to students to imbibe applied niche from lower level to terchery education. This essay will argue why practical skills are necessary despite of small portion of bookinsh knowledge should also be part of teaching system.
In the opinions of the most of the people, as a large number of institutions are obligated to teach pupils with facts from the very beginning, real-time technical experience goes missing from a student’s life. I do accord on the statement cause students find themselves in a difficult position because of less real-life experience and less modern education curriculum.
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The subject of time spent learning facts and not practical skills in all levels of education is debatable. Some people say that in all levels of education most of the time is spent learning about facts or theories than actual practical work. This essay will discuss why most people feel this way about the education system in general.
It is often argued that education , across the board, is more theoretical and less practical in nature.I completely agree with this observation and over the course of this essay will provide reasons for this argument.
There are many ways to study and understand the academic subjects. Many people believe that in all education levels, that is from elementary education to graduate studies, preference is given to theoretical teachings than learning from experiments. This essay agrees with the above opinion and discusses some of the reasons behind this belief.
It is argued that schools and universities are focusing more on teaching theoretical facts rather than practical skills. This statement could be partially true to some extent, however teaching the basic concepts and facts are necessary for students to learn the practical skills. Therefore, I disagree with this conviction and will support my view in this essay.
Few people beleive that significant time is invested on educating facts instead of practical skills at schools and universities. I strongly agree with this thought that facts are given more importance.
It is important to consider the methods of teaching. Some people believe that less time is spent on learning technical skills and too much hours learning facts. This essay agrees that large amount of period is allocated to the studying of theories and less time on proficiencies.
It is important to consider the methods of teaching. Some people believe that less time is spent on learning technical skills and too much time on learning facts. This essay agrees that large amount of time is allocated to the studying of theories and lees time on proficiencies. Firstly, the essay will discuss the way educational systems are designed and secondly, it would discuss the lack of equipment in public schools.
Nowadays, the value and importance of education can be denied by nobody. Indeed, some people say we must expand the scope of practical skills in our education system. Actually, due to our changing environment it seem this way of training is no more efficient and enjoyable for new generations, as we will discuss in this essay.
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Some people believe that many educational institutes give more focus on the theoretical knowledge than the practical abilities. In my opinion, I support this point as their work goal is to improve the result and want to deliver only the degrees and to earn money.
Although the education system has become more advanced, it is often argued that more emphasis is given to theoretical knowledge than inculcating practical skills. I completely support this view, as, in my opinion, most of the educational institutes consider theory subjects as the only criteria for success and make a negligible effort to provide practical knowledge.
Although it is believed that throughout education, plenty of time is devoted to examining facts and figures, rather than doing any practical skill. I agree with this notion that schools and universities tend to teach more theory instead of providing any practical expertise. If these institutions focus more on gaining knowledge by doing practical, it could lead to students’ sharp mental ability and learning skills.
It is believed that during different stages of learning, academic courses, from the beginning to the end, there is no balance between theoretical and practical learning. Moreover, the educational system mostly emphasizes theory courses, which might hurt students learning processes and skills. In this essay, I am going to reveal some aspects of this contentious issue.
Education plays vital role to develop individual’s theoretical as well as hands-on skills. Some group of individual believes that throughout the teaching phase of person’s life, more time is spent on gain knowledge about facts rather than practical skills. I completely disagree with the topic as I believe that theoretical and practical both skills imparted from schooling to university education. The following paragraph discuss about the opinion with suitable example.
The curriculum of schools and colleges paves the way for shaping the future of students. It is a notion that in all levels of institutes, from kindergarten to postgraduate universities, the focus is on memorising facts and historical data. I agree with this opinion because there is no modification in the syllabus of the students for decades, and some administrative jobs require these learning skills which will be explained in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays, many people thought that education is consuming too much time without getting the actual use of it which is applying it into the field. In this essay we will see how this opinion is not accurate.
one achieves 'celebrity' status with continued growth in popularity, they can be sure to find themselves bombarded by crowds and cameras. The fan base that they garner include many who are fascinated by the lifestyles of the famous, which are typically much more lavish than the average commoner. However, in today's society, there is a greater emphasis being placed on the need to respect people's privacy, including that of celebrities. I strongly believe that it is not fair for starlets to give up their private lives upon achieving fame. For example, celebrities, particularly women, are now being scrutinized for not wearing make-up whilst grocery shopping based on the photos captured by the paparazzi. Furthermore, the incessant obsession that the paparazzi has towards famous people can damage livelihoods. Not only does it invade the privacy of the individuals themselves, but also that of their friends and family. On the other hand, the paparazzi has been following around celebrities to provide footage that pleases their fans for many decades. Thereforee, a talented individual who chooses to enter the limelight is aware that as they rise to stardom, they will face the consequences of being followed around. One can argue that they consciously accept that their personal life will be broadcasted. In conclusion, whilst celebrities usually rise to fame due to a unique talent that is enjoyed by the masses, it is unfair to infringe on the goings on of their personal lives and deem that to be the price of fame. A compromise can be achieved by celebrities not being snubbed in private places, such as their own homes.
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