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When it comes to whether kids spending their free time there are differeing opinions on this matter. A group of people believe that kids should use their free time to participate in activities with other kids ; However,
Some believe that children action on their free time should be arranged by their parents while others say that youngster should do their free time activities without influence of parents. In my opinion, these two notions
While a faction of people holds the notion that children should be closely monitored by their parents, others argue that their activites should be independent. This essay will delve into both viewpoints and explain my su
Raising a child is a rewarding but difficult task that all parents go through. While school occupies most of a child's day, it is important to take part in extracurricular activities as well.
Nowadays, there are various activities that students can do in their leisure time. However, some groups believe that parents should encourage their kids to involve in organization agenda. While, others think it is paramo
In the present day, with the rapid development of technology, we can have various options of activities to do in our free time, including for children. Some people believe activities for children should be planned by pa
It is often argued that leisure activities for offspring should be organized by parents. While others suggest that children should have authority to decide their free-time activities, I believe that although children sho
There is a group of parents who believe that children should participate in group activities such as discussions and studies while there are some other parents who are of the view that their offspring should focus on thi
Some individuals suppose that parents should plan free time activities for children. However, others claimed that children can decide to choose their own activities. In my point of view, parents should manage time activi
There is an idea that children’s activities in free time should be managed by parents, otherwise some people believe that it should be free for children to decide what they do in their free time. From my perspective, chi
it is said that free time activities for children should be plan by their of parents .However, others belive children should be pick what they do want . im my opinion,parent should be plan for children activities in the
Today, many parents enroll their children in various courses or organized group classes. While others give their children the freedom to decide for themselves what they want to do. This essay will explore both points of
The arrangement of the children's afterschool has become an issue in early education. Some claim that it should be decided by parents, in contrast, others believe kids have the right to choose what to do in their break.
Some folks claim that children should be encouraged to do group games and activities in their leisure time, while others believe that children should learn how to enjoy their loneliness and try to occupy themselves on th
It is argued whether childrens' schedule on leisure activities should be managed by their parents or themselves. I completely agree with the latter view that infants shoud have their own freedom to select their free time
In the recent days several people argue that children's spare time, should be scheduled by their parents while others consider that children might have the liberty to pick their own activities along their free time. In m
There is a fact that what children do in their free time contributes significantly to their development in the future. Some people believe that children should be able to manage their leisure times, while the opponents o
Whether little ones should be full freedom to spend their time free time as per their wish is a topic of debate among our society and some people believe that parents should be responsible for planning their activities a
It is sometimes argued that parents can effectively plan their children’s free time activities thanks to their experience and maturity. However, I am of the opinion that letting them be more autonomous better nurtures th
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