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Some people think that risky sports should be outlawed in order to preserve human safety, however in the opposite, many people agree that everybody should have the freedom to do whatever activity they like. In my opinion, I believe that as possible as dangerous sports can be supervised and regulated by a professional and don’t put in danger any other person’s life, there’s no need to ban them.
Many hold the opinion that life threatening physical activities should be illegal, in contrast, others believe in freedom of choice. Both these opposing views will be discussed in this essay, followed by a reasoned conlcusion.
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It is discussed that sports with high content of risks should be banned, whereas other people believe that this should be a choice made freely from each one individually. This essay will discuss the two points of views and it will conclude with my personal opinion in regard.
Dangerous sports such as boxing, scuba diving, and gymnastics have been increasingly popular. Although many find these sports amusing and the athletes have consented to them, this type of activity also draws controversy. This essay will discuss why, despite some harm caused, people should still be able to choose extreme sports as their method to channel their passion.
Some individuals believe that vulnerable games should be banned, while some people believe people has a right to play game without any prohibition. This essay will discuss on both statements and gives an opinion, why game should not be banned.
Some believed that governments should ban dangerous sports, since these may influence other people and increase more health expenditure of society. While, the others think people have the right to choose for doing any kind of sports.
There is an opinion that extreme sports, such as scuba-diving, car racing, climbing and rules free fighting have to be considered illegal and prohibited to participate in as well as a contrary belief that people are entitled to choose whatever they desire to do. Both views, however, are to be discussed and, in my opinion, dangerous sports should have restrictions for participation even though it is rightful for everyone to take part in such activities.
As people start to enjoy a wide range of sports, there is a lot of concerns regarding the hazards of extreme sports. Some people argue that everyone has the right to choose what they want,even though it has drastic dangers. i would elaborate both arguments and my perspective.
As people start to enjoy a wide range of sports, there is a lot of concerns regarding the hazards of extreme sports. Some people argue that everyone has the right to choose what they want,even though it has potent dangers, i would elaborate on both arguments and my perspective.
There are various kinds of thrilling activities differing from regular athletic activities in recent times. Some claim that risky sports should be prohibited while others argue that it depends on the choice of an individual. From my perspective, it is necessary to limit the unsafe actions. This essay will elucidate both sides of the argument with examples.
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Some individuals believe that physical activities which involve danger ought to be prohibited while others consider their performance as an individual choice. I personally agree with the latter statement because dangerous sports should be allowed even though some regulations are necessary.
Risky sport is a controversial topic that has been argued over by many people. Some think that the authorities should ban all dangerous sports, while others believe everyone should be able to choose whatever sports he or she wishes to play. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and explain why I think the decision of whether to play risky sports or not should be a personal choice.
It is true that there are extreme sports both indoors and outdoors. While some people argue that such extreme activities be stopped, others argue that it should be solely one's choice. In the below essay I will discuss both viewpoints and explain why I support the latter.
most folks are interested in playing dangerous games. some public believe that dangerous athletics should be banned and another hand choose what they wish and my opinion is the government should be banned the dangerous sport because they will cause the most deaths. In this essay, I will discuss both views and give my opinion.
Some individuals believe that sports which are dangerous should be restricted while some people think that it is their right to choose the sports they like. In this essay, I will discuss from both perspectives and my own opinion will be given.
Now a days threatening sports should be removed as per their opinion and on other side human being have right to pick up their favorite one.Dangerous game also makes mentally strong and also risk of life too.
Doing sports has always been the best way to remain fit and healthy. However, some of them are dangerous and there is an argument that whether they should be prohibited or free to be chosen. In my opinion, they should be free to be chosen.
Sports are part of entertainment though there are categorized. It is often argued by some people that hazardous sports should be phased out while others disagree and think it should be a personal decision.This essay will discuss both sides of this argument in detail and I will provide my opinion.
One of the most prominent trends of today’s world is a massive upsurge in thinking of some individuals think that dangerous sports should be banned, while others think people should be free to choose. There is a widespread worry that it will lead to a myriad of concerns in life. However, I do not entirely accept, and I will explain why I do not agree.
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Sports increase one´s wellbeing and fitness and are recommended throughout the world. However, there are opposing views when it comes to life-threatening business. While some claim that these activities should be forbidden, others suggest it should be a decision of the player. This essay will examine both views, and why I believe there should be freedom to participate in them.
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