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Imprisonment has successfully transformed many offenders and helped them turn over a new leaf to a brighter life. From my perspective, it is a wise choice to invite former prisoners to deliver valuable lessons and dispel any ideas of a crime life in adolescents’ minds.
Monetary influence has taken command over mankind. Those with exorbitant bank balances and owned property can earn more respect in society. It is observed that the importance of values like honor, kindness, and trust has degraded in society. I agree with the notion and will elaborate in the following paragraphs.
The prevention of crimes is a matter of concern in modern societies, and criminals who have served their sentence and changed their behaviour are considered proper examples to discourage young people from breaking the law. I am convinced that they represent the best exponents to develop this challenging task.
A teenager can be defined as the person who is the foundation of building country and may become the future President to lead our nation. However, it is obvious that the cases of teenagers commit crimes are alarmingly increased and turned into a heated issue that discussed by most of the people. Some people support that the people who are used to be in prison become good residents later, they are the best candidate to advise the teenagers.
It is true that failure is simply the opportunity to begin, this time more intelligently. In other words, lots of prisoners could be nice persons after their punishments. It is argued by some people that the lives of these nice persons could be the best lessons for teenagers if they hear from prisoners by their own. I completely agree that if they talk about crimes and their consequences that will be the most efficient way to raise their awareness.
Some culprits who have been sentenced to jail are found to become noble citizens of our society, But, some public argue that, whether, these people are the best to speak with the current generations about offending a law or, not. In my opinion, I agree that, these sentences freed persons can be considered as significant to talk with youth and, adolescents regarding the drawbacks of committing a crime. However, necessary precautions need to be taken, while, the interaction between fugitive, and, youth. This essay will discuss about, the opinions of individuals concerning meetings between separate beliefs and, thoughts.
Teenager age is considered to be the most crucial stage because at this age if proper guidance is not provided to the child, then he might be trapped in some antisocial activities. A plethora of people who have been in prison become good citizens later, and some folks considered to them the best people to talk to the teenagers, about the dangers of committing a crime. In this essay, I partially agree with this statement and discuss my views.
A crime is the significant play role behind lack of few things,which is unnecessary and some times it creates major issue in routine life.A group of people think that when the culprit come back from jail then they become absolutely good residents, whereas believe that these people are the great to say to adolescent about their dangerous progress and describe a crime and I agree with this second statement.
People committing anti-social activities such as crimes are locked down in order to change their behaviour and introduce to lead good life in later life. Many people think that this confined people can be the best adviser for the teenagers about the jeopardy of involving illegal activities.I strongly disagree with the statement and in this essay, i will support my views with examples.
Some prisoners have rehabilitated after being discharged and become exemplary citizens. While I agree that asking them to talk to school students is a good education method, I also believe that there are better alternatives to warn the adolescences about the dangers of committing crimes.
It is true that some ex-prisoners are able to return to normal life and get accepted by the community. In my opinion, because of that, their talks with students can really help educating about the consequences of being a criminal.
It is true that ex-prisoners can become normal members of society. Some people harbour a belief that allowing such people to speak to young people about their experience is the best way to discourage them from breaking the law. I am inclined to stand with proponents.
It is true that ex-prisoners can become normal, productive members of society. Some people believe those people are the most suitable one to have a talk with adolescents about dangers of committing a crime. From my perspective, I completely agree that those people should talk to teenagers for the purpose of discouraging them from breaking the law.
There is no doubt that crime rates have dramatically increased over the last few years. Some criminals can manage themselves to become good human beings while their stay in prisons. One of the main reasons is that they have practically seen the problems and sacrifice they had to make. However, a fair amount of people think that these are the best examples of creating the awareness about about crimes in teenagers. I personally agree with the statement and the following essay will discuss in details about it.
People who have served time in the prison tend to become good citizens, but can they be the best person out there to talk to teenagers and explain the risk involved in committing a crime ? This is quite debatable. This essay will discuss why letting ex-prisoners talk to teenagers can be a good thing for the youngsters.
People who have served time in the prison tend to become good citizens, but can they be the best person out there to talk to teenagers and explain the risk involved incoming a crime. This is however quite debatable. This essay will discuss why letting ex-prisoners talk to talk to teenagers can be a good thing for them.
Recently, governments have been keen on launching awareness campaigns against crimes. Some people have suggested that released criminals are the best advisors on this topic and that they have the ability to convince youngsters with the hazard consequences of committing a crime. I totally agree to this idea because I believe that ex-prisoners who became productive citizens can speak about their experiences to discourage others from breaking the law. In this essay, I will discuss my point of view thoroughly.
It is sometimes encouraged that ex-offenders who have been returned to the society as moral members would be considered as decent candidates to educate youngsters about the detrimental effects of criminal behavior. I completely agree with this proposal.
It is true that the narrative of criminals became decent citizens after releasing from jail is promising. While I understand that supporters may consider these people are the best candidates to influence youngsters on preventing them from committing a crime, I believe there are many other better alternatives.
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