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There is a constant argument about whether former inmates might act as speakers to educate teenagers about the perils of criminal behaviour. Some believe that these people are the best to talk about the crime and its co
Some people believe that people who have been in prison become good citizens later. Personally, I think this is true that ex-inmates can become an example in society, especially for the younger generation to avoid crime
It is true that ex-prisoners can become normal, productive members of society. I agree that allowing such people to speak to teenagers about their experiences is the best way to discourage them from breaking the law.
Many people argue that talking with criminals who have turned their lives around after serving a prison is good for teenagers to get an insight into the consequences of breaking laws. Personally, I entirely concur with t
There are some examples that some criminals serving sentences in prison reintegrating into society successfully to become good citizens, which makes some people realize that they are the best candidates for teenagers to
Many are of the view that ex-convicts get transformed into good people in society, and it is usually suggested that such individuals are the ideal ones to educate young adults on the negative effects of being involved in
It is sometimes argued that the person who has been in prison is the optimal choice for persuading teenagers to avoid committing a crime.In my view,I believe their experience could be a vivid course for teenagers however
There is a belief to teach youth people why they need to avoid crime, and the best teacher for this job could be people who have spent part of their life in jail. Because, after the process of being in prison, they becom
Adolescents mostly lack experience and sometimes are curious about illegal problems or behaviours to prove or satisfy themself. However, they have not had enough awareness so the majority often argue that the most suitab
Some individuals claim that ex-inmates who have become good citizens are the best people to give advice to teenagers about the potential consequences of committing an offence, this essay totally agrees with this statemen
The former offenders can live productive lives and make constructive contributions to the community in proper ways. I strongly agree that providing young individuals with the opportunity to hear from those individuals is
In a materialistic world, nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for people to see success only with property and treasures, such as cars, yachts, bank accounts or expensive jewellery. Although I accept the inconsi
Nowadays, more and more youth are committing a crime and the government should fix it. There are people who have been in prison and they are considered to be good teachers for juveniles. Personally, I partly agree with t
Some people believe ex-convicts people are the best guide for adolescent.And they also can help young generation avoid crime.I can neither completely agree nor disagree with this statement.And I am going to explain about
It is true that some ex-prisoners become normal people. I somewhat agree with this idea where ex-prisoners are allowed to talk to teenagers about dangers of committing crime.
It is true that some ex-prisoners become normal people. I completely agree with the idea that ex-prisoners are allowed to talk to teenagers about the dangers of committing crimes.
Rehabilitated criminals are ideal messengers to juveniles for talking about the consequences of committing crimes. Juveniles who had anger issues or short tempers are prone to committing crimes in society. Some people ar
Many people are of the opinion that those who have turned their lives around are the greatest testament to the threat of engaging in unlawful activities to children. While I agree with the idea that reformed offenders wi
Some people consider that the best people to educate the younger generation about how dangerous committing a crime could be are those ex-offenders. I partly agree with this idea.
It is true that there are a variety of conventional beliefs that elderly people still hold to this day. While I agree that some of these ideas are already outdated, the other ones can benefit young people in their prepar
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