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In today's digital world, shopping is one of the main aspects where people can easily access their needs just with their fingertips. The idea of online shopping is widely debated with many people claiming that it will to numerous concerns. In my opinion,
Exponential increase of online shopping is causing huge effects in the traditional trading. For this reason there is a belief that very possibly the normal shops have to close. In this essay, I will argue with two main reasons why I disagree with this bel
In the modern society, many people shop thru online and the online shopping industry growing up rapidly. Because it has many benefits. Therefore, some people believe that all of offline shops will close because of online shopping. I disagree about this pe
Nowadays, E-shopping is growing day-by-day at a rapid speed. While, it is good to go for paper-less, time-saving shopping, perhaps, there is a panic that it may lead to the closure of all city shops in the town. But I disagree with the prompt statement,
Nowadays online shopping is a new modern technology trend of purchasing goods, because products are easily available at the doorstep with an effective range of prices as well as saves time in today’s busy working and health tiring environment. I completel
Nowadays, online shopping has become more and more popular in public, which is most alarming to retailers and traditional merchants in the terms of selling products. I do partially with this statement. Here in this essay, I will discuss both the view with
Development of internet purchasing leads pushing down all shops in town and cities. I disagree with this statement and elaborate in this essay.
In recent years, there is a lot of increase in buying products through e-commerce sites. This would eventually get to the point where all the shopping centres will get closed and will lead to the destruction of cities growth. I would totally disagree wit
The development of virtual stores facilitates the easy access of multiple international brands to the mass however the authenticity of these products always remains under suspicion. Thus, I don't agree that virtual stores ever can replace the traditional
Due to the use of smartphones and easy access to the internet popularity of online shopping has increased drastically. People assume that the rise in the popularity of online shopping will one day force all the physical shops to exit. I partially agree wi
In this contemporary world the online shopping system is drastically increasing.I disagree that the online shipping will never affect the retails shops.This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.
There is a massive increase in purchasing from a lot of products from the online websites and applications which are increasing day by day. Some people see that this may affect adversely the income of the stores which are located everywhere and may force
Over the past few decades, technology made a major impact on everyday life. Some people say that the mushrooming of virtual shopping will make retail shops vanishes one day from town and cities. Looking forward to my opinion, I concur with the above state
I completely agree with this point, Online shopping will become more influential due to the developing technology and the increase of the number of people always shopping on the online website such as Amazon, Alibaba and Shopee.
Nowadays, the online shops are increasing with a rapid pace to the extent that some real businesses are afraid of being obliged to shut down. Although doing on site purchase might be of high importance for some as they would need to check items face to f
Nowadays, the online shops are increasing with a rapid pace to the extent that some real businesses are afraid of being obliged to shut down. Although doing on site purchase might be of high importance for some as they would need to check items face to f
There are many advancements in commerce due to which way of shopping is changing dramatically. Although preference for online shoppings has increased yet most of the people do shopping from local stock Market. This is because ,I disagree with the view t
Nowadays, electronic shopping is a common sight as it is the most convenient way of buying multiple products without paying a personal visit. Many people claim that due to this type of shopping every single store in the urban areas will disappear very soo
The nowadays trend of online shopping has increased drastically, which will lead to negative impact on all shops in town and cities. This essay agrees with the statement. Due to busy life people find it more convenient to shop from the online application,
People are witnessing and enjoying the exponential expansion of online shopping in recent years. Therefore, it is believed that physical stores shutdown is inevitable. I personally disagree with this idea.
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