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In the western part of the world, obesity in youngsters has grown up in the past decade. There are possibly drastic causes and long term effects of this trend which I would be discussing in detail.
It is true that the propotion of obesity children in Western nations has grown by 20% in the past decade. This essay will take a further investigation into the basics of the issue and figure out the rationable behind it as well as the related repercussions.
In recent years, Western societies have seen close to a 20% rise in the number of children with high body weight. This essay will discuss some causes and consequences of childhood overweight.
It is observed that the proportion of kids who are above the normal weight in the developed countries is on the increase by over 20% In the last one decade. This essay will point out the factors responsible for this problem and also, the consequences of this challenge.
There is no doubt that the number of young adults who suffers from weight problems has increased substantially in the last decade. This situation not only is related to several reasons, but also it has detrimental consequences in children’s future and wellbeing as well.
In the past decade, the number of children who are facing obesity issues have risen to a great extent.This trend is observed mostly in western culture.In my opinion sedentary lifestyle, less parental attention and popularity of indoor games are the prime reasons for such an issue and the results will be quite detrimental to the health of offsprings of parents.
The problem of obesity, especially in children has increased two-folds in the last ten years. It is becoming a serious concern. This essay will discuss the possible reasons and effects of this increasing trend and solution to resolve this issue in the subsequent paragraphs.
In this modern era, most of the Western culture kids tend towards the habit of eating out and thus are gaining weight frequently by approximately 20% as compared to past decade. it's all because of having dependency at instant food. This habit can result into horrible diseases in future.
Children’s health care is one of the concerns of their parents and society. Due to the change of people’s diet and lifestyle in past few decades, increased percentage of obese children is a serious concern. Regarding this problem, this essay will discuss about their diet and lifestyle as its causes and effects on their life.
Obesity is one of the major problems among the pupils in recent times. The number of children suffering from excess weight issues have been significantly increased, especially in the western countries.
Obesity among children is western countries has grown by almost 20% in the last decade. Two of the main causes of this situation are the lack of movement and unhealthy food. Moreover, the effects of this trend are extremely dangerous on a long term. This essay will discuss the causes and the effects of this behaviour.
Obesity is one of the major problems among pupils in recent times. The number of pupils suffering with excess weight problems has significantly increased in the western countries. Eating unhealthy foods and lack of physical activity are among the major causes of this problem. Due to this it will, it will not only affect their performance in academics, but also there is a high possibility of getting heart diseases.
Tỷ lệ trẻ em thừa cân trong xã hội phương Tây đã tăng gần 20% trong mười năm qua. Thông qua bài tiểu luận này, chúng tôi sẽ làm rõ nguyên nhân và hậu quả của vấn đề này. Xã hội thay đổi cuộc sống đòi hỏi chúng ta phải dành nhiều thời gian hơn để làm việc, đó là lý do tại sao cha mẹ thường cho con ăn thức ăn nhanh. Ngoài việc tiện lợi, thức ăn nhanh có giá cả hợp lý, màu sắc và hương vị hấp dẫn khiến trẻ yêu thích. Nhưng những thức ăn nhanh đó chứa rất nhiều calo. Ví dụ, một loại phô mai có chứa 455 calo, một nửa con gà (bao gồm ngực, đùi, cánh) tại KFC sẽ cung cấp cho bạn 860 calo, nếu được phục vụ với khoai tây chiên, lượng calo tiêu thụ dễ dàng vượt qua mốc 1000 calo. và calo chủ yếu là chất béo và muối. Điều tồi tệ ở đây là sau khi ăn thực phẩm nhiều calo, Con bạn sẽ không hoạt động thể chất mà chỉ xem TV, chơi game, ... Trẻ thừa cân có nhiều vấn đề như tăng huyết áp, bệnh tim, tiểu đường, rối loạn lipid máu. Ngoài ra, trẻ em có thể bị bạn bè chế giễu về ngoại hình, ảnh hưởng đến tâm lý của chúng. Tóm lại, thừa cân ảnh hưởng tiêu cực đến trẻ em, vì vậy cha mẹ nên chú ý hơn đến chế độ ăn uống và lối sống của trẻ.
The percentage of overweight children in western society has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years . Through this essay, we will clarify the causes and consequences of this issue.
Over the recent decade, it has become more common for children to be obese, particularly in the western countries. There are various reasons for this phenomenon and this also exert manifold negative effects on people’s health.
Over the last ten years, it has been seen at around 20% rise in the number of children who are overweight. This essay will discuss some reasons why this has occurred and examine the consequences of this trend.
It is true that the proportion of obese children in the western world has rose rapidly in the last decade. This essay will discuss why this is happening and put forward several consequences of the same.
Nowadays, the amount of overweight offspring has rose by 20% since a few years. This essay will discuss the main causes of this issue and then describe the possible effects of this problem.
The increased prevalence of obesity in children over the past decade has given rise to several problems in the western society. This essay will examine the main reasons behind this trend and the consequences of childhood obesity on the mental and physical health of the young generation.
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