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In my opinion, i agree that the young today spend a large amout of their leisure in shopping centres because it can bring negative influences on the youths and the society.
Nowadays there are more and more malls and everyone, especially younger people spend a lot of their free time in these places. For the researchers, the increasing of this trend could bring significant problems to the future society. I am not completely agree with this statement because shopping centers are evolving and some of them look like small cities where youths can find not just entertainment but interesting activities like cinema and library too and have the possibilities to stay together. It is obvious that would be better if young people would spend their time outside or doing other activities but sometimes, especially in big cities during the colder seasons, shopping centers are good options.
There is no denying that people become extravagent.Today pass time activity of most of young generation centered on shopping.It is worth considering that can lead to dissatisfication and negative impact on society.I wholeheartly believe that this trend should be changed in thsi essay will support the the view with arguments in following paragraphs.
Nowadays, the adolescents visit shopping malls as a recreational activity which may result in drastic effects. I completely agree that this recent practice is making youngsters materialistic and unhealthy.
Nowadays, comfort is highly prioritised, hence, shopping is shifted from individual showrooms to large shopping complexes, serving each and every item under a single roof. Since, these are large infrastructures, moving from one place to another consumes a
Youths are the future of our society. It is important that youngsters spend their idle time in productive activities. Today's youth prefer spending a large chunk of their free time in shopping centres. It is feared that an increase in this trend can impac
The youngest generation in current society prefers to spend most of their time in some amusement locations such as shopping centres instead of working hard or focusing on reaching high achievement in education as best as they can just for good memory. Whi
Today's youngsters preferred to spend their free time in shopping malls; therefore, many people believe this behavior can be harmful to them and society. This essay agrees with that statement because this behavior can lead to a bad habit of consuming a lot of money and also their time, which can be utilized appropriately by playing sports, which makes them healthy.
Spending most of adolescent's leisure time on shopping centers is increasingly popular. It is thought that this behavior might ruin some positive aspects in the youth and the community. In my opinion, I completely agree with this claim, and I see that leisure time should be exploited in more useful activities. Teenagers usually have amount of free time which is not existed in other elder people's life. Unfortunately, the majority of them waste those hours as they spend most of them in shopping centers. They hang out with their friends in malls and do shopping. They think that this is the best way to spend their spare time. It is believed that reading books is boring and even if they decided to read one, they would not be focused and they would not be able to reap benefits and brilliant ideas from them. The trend of shopping in leisure time may bring negative influences on the adolescents and the society. But, what are they? It will be learnt that money has extremely small value. They will not appreciate it. For instance, when they buy everything they want without thinking deeply of whether it is cheap or expensive, they learn that money has no value and they will grow up to be spoiled parents. They would not be able to accustom themselves to the conditions around them if there was not enough money. Furthermore, they might not know the importance of time. They will regret each moment which was spent on shopping and not exploited in a useful activity. With the above in mind, it is fairly concluded that leisure time has a significant importance and a considerable value. Thus, youth should not waste it on some activities which will bring negative effects on the society.
Our youth these days spend a lot of their lesiure time in the shopping centers. Some in the society are afraid that this under utilization of our youth's leisure time has a negative influence on them and in result is detrimental to our society. I partially agree with this view because of my view that everything in excess acts as a poison, and therefore a balance must be reached.
it is concerned that spending the young's spare hour going around the mall has a bad effect on society as well as the youths and I partially agree with this the essay I am going to pose my opinion and give some reasons for my agreement and disagreement.
Nowadays, the shopping centres are easily accessible, as there is development in terms of city malls. The younger generation are more interested in shopping than doing other activities. I agree that this trend can affect the them as well as society in a negative way.
Nowadays, the shopping centres are easily accessible, as there is development in terms of city malls. The younger generation is more interested in shopping than doing other activities. I agree that this trend can affect them as well as society in a negative way.
Some individuals are of the opinion that the recent practice of youngsters spending more time in shopping malls, will influence them and their environment negatively. I consider that, visiting the store at will by teenagers create a desperation in their minds and this is bad for the society as a whole.
In the fast-paced of modern life, it has become far more prevalent that young people head to the shopping centers in their leisure time in high frequency. In my opinion, there will be both positives and negatives to individuals as well as society as a whole.
Globalization has facilitated shopping centres to have a plethora of options ranging from clothing to gaming under one roof. Owing to it, shopping centres have seen a spike in young visitors, which is deemed to be a negative development by many. I opine that, while extensive time spent in malls could be detrimental for the future generations, regulated and purposeful visits could still reap benefits.
It is noted that the young today spend a large amount of their leisure time in shopping centers. Parents fear that this can bring negative influence on the youth and the society. I strongly agree to this notion and I will put forward my views in the following paragraphs.
Today the way of living of people have been changed due to advancement and innovation of technology and development of new type of centers for leisure activitires.Shooping centers has been one of such influencial place for the youth today.Everyone wants to enjoy new activities and products in the market but the way they are used can have impacts on the daily activities and growth of youth and society today.
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