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Nowadays, there are a lot of public debates about men’s and women's rights and equality. Some argue that the seats offered by universities to both genders should be the same in numbers in each subject. However, I personally believe that this is not the best approach to be taken by higher education institute due to the following reasons:
Granting gender equality in society should start from higher education is getting highly important to consider today. However, while some believe that women should stay underprivileged in admitting to equal subjects like men, I feel that identical numbers of both genders should enroll in universities to hold the important sectors of a country equally.
A normal human’s body has 206 bones in different sizes and shapes holding the other organs and tissues together. Intrinsically, bones can repair themselves during a specific time period[1]. However, in some cases due to bone diseases such as osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, malignant tumors, or traumatic accidents, the process of healing may not occur or gets lengthy[2]. One of the most common bone diseases that can cause severe bone loss and infections is bone cancer. Despite the development of medical sciences, cancer is still a threatening health issue. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are common methods for treating cancer[3]. These treatments have some drawbacks that could be harmful and endanger healthy tissues and cells; for example, weakening the immune system of a patient’s body because of the exceeding amount of drug or undesirable release of drug in chemotherapy and causing large bone defects after removing tumors in surgery[3]. Besides, completely removing the tumor may not occur, subsequently, residual cancer cells surrounding the healthy tissues trigger tumor recurrence1. In recent years, investigations have shown that heat can kill human body cells including cancer cells which are more sensitive to heat than healthy cells [4]. Utilizing heat to eliminate or diminish tumors is called hyperthermia treatment. Commonly, there are several approaches to generate heat within the body such as using magnetic particles [4]. There is another approach to eradicate tumors by heat which is done by photothermal phenomenon that is rooted in the interaction of the material with light, so it depends on the optical properties of the material[5]. Photothermal therapy (PTT) has certain advantages over other methods, such as high selectivity, minimal invasiveness, and no systemic effects[6]. These privileges have turned PTT to an attractive means of tackling cancer, therefore, many researchers have studied on certain materials with the ability of converting light into heat. Metallic particles with diverse shapes, carbon-based nanoparticles, semiconductors, and organic compounds are such substances[5]. In the last decade, many researchers have spent their effort to obtain a series of material that not only do have the ability to remove tumors through PTT but also possess different biological properties in order to reduce risks of their use. A group of glasses called ‘bioglass’ which were first introduced by L. Hench in the 1970s [7], are known for their intrinsic ability of bonding with bone through forming a hydroxyapatite-like layer on their surface when exposing to biological fluids. This means bioactive glasses can regenerate the damaged or lost tissue, alongside their marvelous optical features. To reap the benefits of biological and optical properties of these distinguished glasses simultaneously, numerous studies have been conducted. In one of these, Wang et al. introduced a bismuth-doped phosphosilicate glass that could invert the growth of a type of rat osteocraoma cells through photothermal therapy and were also able to regenerate the damaged bone tissue2. In another research, a sol-gel bioactive glass containing 5%molar manganese were loaded with chlorin e6 to combine photodynamic and photothermal therapies by irradiating the sample with 660nm and 808nm laser, respectively, for treatment of tumorous bone defects3. Ironically, manganese is a trace element that has proven to be a great agent in the growth of hard tissues by promoting osteogenic reactions and greatly affecting bone regeneration due to increasing osteoblast response and cell adhesion and proliferation11-16. In this regard, bioactive glasses have been determined as promising agents for delivering and sustained release of therapeutic ions in the body fluids microenvironment due to their biodegradability.
Nowadays, education has become an egalitarian environment, in which everyone has the same rights and the same opportunities. Some argue that it should be maintained the equal of the genders in each lecture of universities. Personally, I totally disagree with this statement.
In every democratic coutry, males and females should recieve equal rights in every aspect of life. Unfortunately, not in every case this statement holds true, and especially in academic intitutes, boys have been accepted to school much more than girls. In order to correct this bad tradition, some people believe that universities should recieve both sexes in simialr amount. Although I do believe females should be eligible to the same positions as men, I do not fully agree with the above statement.
Nowadays, higher education is critical for both men and women. It is considered that tertiary education institutes should accept the same number of female and male students in every course. I strongly disagree with this view, because this may de-motivate them from learning and placement in subjects should be according to the ability.
In every course in the tertiary institutions, the same number of both sexes should be admitted. I totally agree with this because the acceptance of boys and girls in every subject at the University would foster gender equality and prevent discrimination.
Gender equality is such a debating point these days, where people argue and demand for gender equality for every aspect, for such in work, in education and even in household. To some extent it is fair enough to demand such a thing since we live in a modern world where both men and women are capable in doing similar tasks. However, if we look at this argument which states that tertiary educational institutions should accept the same counts of students for female and male in every subject, there are questions if this is the right initiative in achieving gender equality.
In every course in the tertiary institutions, the same proportion of both sexes should be admitted. I totally agree with this statement because the acceptance of boys and girls in every subject at the University would foster gender equality and prevent discrimination.
Every human being is born with equal right to life and basic standard of living. Rights can be divided into first and second generation of human rights, the former cover right to life and dignity and equal representation in political sphere of life, while, the latter secures equal right to education for all without any discrimination based on their gender, religion, caste or color.
Educational institutions should accept equal number of men and women students. This statement can be agreed to some extent as well as be disagreed.
Gender equality should be considered when it comes to admiting students in educational institutions.In my perspective , this concept has an intense moral value,but also few considerable shortcomings will aslo come it order to consider.However, providing university admissions to the students ,equaly diveded to male and female has a lost of advantages when it comes to the promotion of education.
Nowadays, more and more people attend higher education. In my opinion, I strongly agree that both genders are equally provided with the opportunities to study in each major.
Higher institutions are places of learning where people come to acquire knowledge in different areas of life, so they can be productive and add to the growth of the society. However, there is the debate as to the number of places which should be given to candidates seeking admissions into different courses taught in these learning centres. The purpose of this essay is to address this issue and I disagree that there should be equal number of places for students irrespective of their gender.
A university plays a big role in the education system of any country. Both males and females have an opportunity to study any subject at a university. The University accepts students, including males and females in every subject.
Currently, the proportion between male and female students in university has become one of the most controversial and recurrent topics in our society. Whilst some people affirm that it should not be a metric to evaluate how fairness the system is, other people are strongly convinced that it is one of the main problems that causes differences between both genres. Is it a real problem that must be solved as soon as possible, or it is just a new topic that has been invented to criticize the current methodology?
Among other prominent changes that 21st century has brought with it, one of the highly debated topic is women rights. Now that the right of equal opportunities for female gender is being accepted at different international forums, some people suggest that equal numbers of students from both sex should be accepted by the universities in each discipline. In my opinion, I totally disagree with this stance and this will be analysed by looking at fairness of quota system and analysis of job market.
It is sometimes argued that the balance between the number of female and male students should be maintained in all degree courses in universities. However, I do not agree with this idea.
Fluctuating ratios between both genders is an obvious trend known worldwide. The debate wheather universities should balance between the numbers of male and female has become highly disputatious. This essay will discuss either they should balance between both genders in all of the subjects or not.
Nowadays, the debate whether numbers of males and females should be equal in every subject or not has caused a ruckus among myriads of students and professors at universities. Those who are in favour of accepting equal numbers of males and females believe that it will help students feel more comfortable because they will not feel different among their colleagues; however opponents disagree-claiming that it is superfluous to focus on their gender and rather focus on their academic level and qualifications so the question is whether universities should take this point into consideration while filtering the applicants or not? This essay will discuss to what extend do agree or disagree about this debatable topic.
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