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I am writing to inform you about the order that I placed from your online store last week and I purchased a Kingtor blender. After a long wait of three weeks, the package just arrived today and was disappointed to discov
I recently purchased a TIMO blender from your online store and was disappointed to find that the glass parts of the device had been broken during shipping.
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I recently ordered an air fryer ,unfortunately when opened it, I discovered that the handle of its cap is broken.l was very disappointed to see this because I had a plan for preparing food at the weekend.
I have recently purchased a Laptop from your online store last Monday. However, After receiving the product I noticed that the display of the Laptop is damaged at the right corner of the screen. This is something I did n
I am writing to inform you about the order that I placed from your store. I ordered a pair of waterproof hiking shoes from the Solomon brand. After a long wait of two weeks, the package arrived today and to my surprise,
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this letter regarding the commodity I bought you recently. Let me discuss my problem and my request in the following paragraphs.
I am writing this letter to let you know my dissatisfaction regarding one of your products which I purchased last week and having invoice number 00000XXX.
I am writing this letter to inform you that the product delivered from your shop was not functioning properly. Because of that, I would like to return it and I want you to refund me a hundred percent.
I am writing this letter requesting your assistance with my complaint. As you can see from my purchase history I am your loyal customer for five years. I bought a lot of stuff in a wide product range. I was happy with yo
I am writing this letter to inform you about the item that I have ordered from your store. The item is a pair of black snickers which your store is specialises for selling.
I usually shop online and frequently prefer your site for procuring electronic items, clothes and snacks. In this instance, I am writing in connection with a broken product received from your online platform.
I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the poor quality packing of the blender I order. I had placed an online item but the glass material was cracked. My serial number was MX6549 and I ordered it on 20 March
I recently ordered a Kitchenmax blender from your online shop, and was disappointed to discover that the glass portions of the appliance had been smashed during transit.
My name is Tejas Darji and I am writing this letter to inform you that I have ordered the trending digital gismos watch through the Amazon website. To my surprise, I received it today in physically damaged condition, an
I ordered a dress last week from your establishment listed at The dress arrived today and hence I am writing to bring to your notice about the fabric quality which stole away the essence of the piece. The desc
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