IELTS Writing Samples Band 6.5

There is no doubt that these days consumer goods are economical to purchase in the society people live in. Although buying various items on low prices has a few drawbacks, I believe it has many merits, such as accessibility to all and easy to replace the goods.
These days, many schools are increasing competitions and exams to enhance educational and non-educational interest in their students. I agree with this positive action for the pupil’s bright future.
The educative process plays a pivotal role in a child's life. There are those who say that subjects such as history should be given less time and more focus on communication and business courses. I, however, disagree with this idea to a large extent for reasons I will outline below.
Whilst, some mankinds argue that cross media Facebook, Instagram and other applications have had a vast adverse effect on both humanity and local communities. However, in my opinion, it is beneficial for people as well as club. But it damages the relationship. I would discuss about both views in the following paragraphs.
It is true that advertising plays a crucial role in our lives. While some people think that advertising brings a lot of advantages to the general public. However, others think that it could also have some disadvantages. In my opinion, its cons could never overshadow its pros. Discussed below are several benefits as well as drawbacks of this isssue.
It is sometimes argued that space exploration is a misspending investment. While I agree with this to some extent, I also believe that research into space can bring about some undeniable benefits to humanity.
It is widely believed that in design stage of a building, its function should be considered more important than its exterior. While I argue that appearance brings a lot of advantages, I totally agree with this idea.
It is true that negative news such as negative situations and emergencies are more widespread on media than some good news. While I argue that excessive reports on problems are detrimental, I believe that there are some advantages to updating social problems.
The increase of overweight people in comparison with the fall of the activity levels that help them to have a good health as a concerning problem in recent years. To deal with this issue, I believe that both the government and individuals must be responsible to do it together.
More than 40 years ago, Lance Armstrong had the first human steps on a moon surface. Although some people consider that money spend on space research is useless, I still believe this is a positive development of the world
It is undeniable that multinational company increases globally day by day and people prefer to work under this organisation rather than a national company, this helps an employee to explore others work and social culture. I completely agree with the statement that to interpret other culture it is best to be work for a multinational company. I will discuss in detail in the following paragraphs.
With the rapid development of technology, television has become a highly use electronic appliances. Many people believe that this can be more useful as a knowledge sharing device while others argue that it is more useful for entertainment. This essay will discuss why televisions are helpful in education but why it is more considered as a device for entertainment.
Obesity in young children is becoming an ongoing concern, especially in Australia where 33 percent of them are considered to be drastically overweight. As the young students spend majority of their day at school, their food intake and exercise regime should be dependent on schools to lead a healthier lifestyle. In this essay, I will discuss why I completely agree with this statement focusing on the reasons such as the amount of time primary and secondary school students spend at school, accessibility and peer support within their friendship.
Nowadays, “life expectancy has been increasing” is the most popular mentioned over the world. There are a number of problems behind this point of view and several solutions for this.
In these days, with the advent of technology, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular. Some masses believe that these sites have a negative impact on the individuals and the community. I agree with the notion that social networking sites have a negative effects and explain reasons in the upcoming paragraphs.
Projections show that the percentage of senior citizens will be larger than that of young people in various parts of the world. Although this trend brings some positives, I believe that it is generally disadvantageous for families and countries.
Nowadays, the world is getting smaller and flatter so many young people can choose to study in another country. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and studying abroad is no exception.
The parents always desire for their children to enjoy the best facilities. It is widely debated whether the children should be given skills training or taught various subjects at schools. In my opinion, both skills and subjects should be taught in order to make the children physically and mentally capable.
A huge amount from the health budget goes into the treatment of various diseases. It is believed that the same investment should be made on prevention rather than treatment. My agreement with this opinion is only partial as I believe diseases would not entirely be eradicated and the need for treatment would be ever-present.