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Some people argue that studying abroad has huge benefits for students, while others think this could comprise several drawbacks which might affect students adversely. In my view, I completely agree with both sides of study abroad.
It is thought by some that ecological problems should be treated on an international scope while others see that nations individually should deal with such crisis . I think that all countries are not on the same level towards these problems and each country should set its own plan in order to solve its environmental issues and I will discuss both opinions .
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Over the last three decades, the rampant trend of keeping own personal vehicles has exaggerated the problem of bottle neck traffic across the globe. I firmly acknowledge the truthiness of the statement to the extent that officials should take strict steps to resolve the issue. in this essay I will discuss the various factors, favoring the reason of car possession and thereafter will suggest the measures which government can take to solve it.
Seeing the telecasted sport matches, when we are free, is considered useless by a few of us. I strongly agree with this fact since most of them involve a lot of gambling and it is widely used for promoting certain brands.
Nowadays, people opt for internet in order to find out the solution for their health issue. In my opinion, this is a detrimental approach unless having low-level diseases and this essay will discuss reasons of it in the forthcoming paragraphs.
A few people think that all monuments built during ancient times must be replaced with new structures by the government. I strongly disagree to this fact since our government will not be able to recreate them and these buildings make learning history easier for our children.
the period of childhood is the most critical stage in the lives of children. Some people think that children must be monitored and under surveillances during their childhood. Others have no such strict rules upon children. However, for many reasons which will be mentioned below, I strongly believe that children must be controlled by their families.
It is believed that some traditional parenting styles and methods, such as enforcing rules and requiring children’s compliance, are essential to children’s development. However, I share the view that parenting style should be flexible based on the age of children.
Many people believe that we should focus on arts and other creative sectors while others argue that it is not important. In my view, I agree with the statement, art must be essential are for one's life as it has many positive impacts. It can help people to release their stress and it also reflects the specific cultural and traditional values of a particular country or region.
Tradition is a crucial part of the social sphere of mankind, as different cultures pride themselves in a variety of attributes. Some are of the school of thought that traditional values will become obsolete because of modernization, and are therefore incompatible. I completely disagree with the notion that our traditional ways of life and beliefs cannot coexist with traditional cultures.
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Most of the people's argue that unsocial behavior is increasing day by day and people are becoming disrespectful towards others. The primary cause of this phenomenon is the structure of the family and advancement in technology. The most viable solution is to educate the young generation about this issue.
Most of the people's argue that unsocial behavior is increasing day by day and people are becoming disrespectful towards others. The primary cause of this phenomenon is the structure of the family and advancement in technology. The most viable solution is to educate their young about this issue.
Geniuses are naturally endowed individuals who are gifted with talents. However, some people say that people withouth these gifts can be trained to be the best at whatsoever they desire. In my opinion, I believe humans can learn to be excellent at whatever they please. This essay will analyse both schools of thought.
Recently, myriad of people become obsessed with purchasing versatile kinds of domestics goods more than before in many countries around the world. In my opinion, this is a negative development because it can give rise to environmental pollution , seduce people to utilize manufacturing food rather than wholesome food , and devastate the farming lands. This essay would aim at elucidating the aforementioned notions in the subsequent paragraphs.
Many people today are quite hard working in terms of studies and offices. Some follow the approach of putting lots of efforts to learn and achieve success to gain scholarships offered in schools and colleges and to excel in their career. Hard work never fails and it leads to a great success.
In countries that achieved very fast economic growth, people living in the cities tend to be better off than their rural counterparts, because moat often than not, the governments abandon them. The major problems of this development are the high level of migration to the cities from the countryside and the infringement on the general growth of a nation. There are various ways to deal with these issues, however, the development of rural areas and investment in local businesses seem to be the best.
Welfare works are very benificial for the whole society.Some people are of the view that voluntry works for the benifit of the society such as collecting a charity, improving your surroundings or sports education to younger ones should be made a mendatory part of high school courses.In this essay we will argue why I completely disagree with this openion.
The advent of technology has brought about easy access to any information due to the availability of technologically driven devices such as smart phones. Inspite of this development, there are a number of demerits this has brought which include, people having a boring social life as well as becoming practically lazy. In this essay, the disadvantages associated with smart devices would be discussed.
Finding for tertiary education by government is important for a nation that wishes to excel in various fields. I believe there are important benefits that would be derived, irrespective of the means by which this funding is achieved. In this essay, the advantages of university education would be discussed.
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Some people argue that architects do not have to care about the beauty of whatever they build, instead they should only focus on achieving the task wanted from different buildings. While this saw might be partly true, I believe that beauty is utterly important in everything in our lives.
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