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Some people believe that government should impose restriction on the level of noise, whereas others argue that they have freedom to make noise as they like. This essay will analyze both sides of the matter before my point of view is drawn at the end.
After having a hectic schedule, people tend to get away from it all in the summer by going on a holiday. Therefore, the number of tourists often grow rapidly which has two-sided influences. Government and residents are the one to realize the impact of mass tourism on different nations where visitors have been through.
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Abide that many people think artistic activities are an indispensable part of their lives, some other people take into account the investment on arts is a waste of the government’s money because arts are less vital than other public services, such as healthcare and education systems. From my perspective, I believe that both arts and other public services are of great importance and cannot be underestimated.
How to handle criminals is a problem that all countries and societies face. Traditionally, the approach has been to punish them placing them in prisons to pay for what they have done. Some, however, advocate trying to make them better with schooling and it seems may have a good point.
The number of inhabitants in urban areas has dramatically increasing for the past few decades, which results in desperate complications. This essay will chiefly focus on two drastic issues ensuing on overpopulation in cities and some viable remedies to tackle the matters.
It is undeniable that with the advance of medical care and technology, people now are living longer and the life expectancy is steadily increasing. I strongly believe that this trend has both positive and negative effects on society.
Most nations enable youngsters to start driving a car. Some agree this action at age 18. Others, however, supposed that starting driving at least 25 is just acceptable. In my opinion, I agree with those who consider 18 year olds had better wait until age 18 to travel by car. The essay will discuss both views and my perspective for this.
There is little room for doubt that parents need to take part in practical parenting classes to raise their offspring. I am of the opinion that the parental involvement in children's life and education is immensely important. With such appropriate knowledge gained from parental courses, they would feel more confident and easier in roaring their young generation. The following essay will further explore the reasons that have shaped my viewpoint.
It is true that sportsmen and entertainers are generally richer than professional workers such as doctors, nurses and teachers. This is due to the fact that these celebrities attract a large following and therefore can earn money in many ways. I personally believe that this wealth gap is justified by their hard work and willingness to deal with public pressure.
It is incontestable the the Internet has infiltrated into virtually every aspect of our lives, including education. In fact, university students nowadays have been granted online courses, which has aroused considerable concern about its upside and downside. From my perspective, I firmly believe that homeschooling through the Internet does more good than harm to self-education.
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Mass transit is widely used in cosmopolitan cities. While some people consider it as a feasible solution which is conducted by governments to curb the traffic congestion in rush hours, others claim it is of inconvenience to individuals. I elaborate on both benefits and drawbacks of this phenomenon.
It is true that in contemporary society, there are no longer many noticable differences among distinguished cities around the globe, while in the past, people were extremely keen on traveling to discover new features that their regions did not possess. In my opinion, this tendency can be explained in various ways and it may bring about both negative and positive consequences.
It is true that technological advances have had negative impacts on the environment. While living simple lives is considered as a key solution to address environmental issues, I would argue that technology can be the answer to tackle these problems.
In recent years, governments in countries have directed their attention to alternative sources of energy such as solar, nuclear or tidal energy. In my opinion, this trend could be both advantages and disadvantages, as now will be discussed.
It is said that saving money is considered as a wiser choice compared to spending it. I partly agree with this statement and in this modern world, saving the large amount of money for the future use is advantageous in some situations.
In the technology era, people are able to shop, work and communicate online. From my perspective, while there are a variety of positive aspects for this trend, there are some drawbacks of having less face-to-face contact that need taking into account.
In the modern world, although the scientific and technological advances become dominant, we still pay attention to people who work in the arts field such as musicians or writers. The reason is that arts can teach us various things than we cannot learn from science and technology.
There is little doubt that in many countries, the number of senior people is growing steadily, and this is predicted to continue in the future. While I agree that this trend can bring several benefits to the society, I would argue that it has more disadvantages for many reasons.
Some people argue that traditional literature has greater influences on children’ development than foreign literature. From my perspective, I completely disagree with this point of view.
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There is an increasingly number of universities and colleges expanding their educational domain to online courses. While some people claim that it spings many negative points of learning. This essay will point out some positive aspects of online learning.
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