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Most capital cities in the world are facing a significant amount of issues when it comes to providing suitable amenities. This is due to the influx of national and international employees and students coming to either pursue the perfect career path or build those skills set to be successful. In this essay, the concerns of the living conditions in urban cities will be discussed and the answers will be stated.
Nowadays, the internet has gained a lot of attention in terms of searching for information by most of them Instead of books. As there are plenty of resources to gain information through a browser. However, online information sometime is not that legitimate. But, books are genuine. One must respect books, as the author puts his whole life experience. I think it is a positive move, but at the same time, it completely depends upon the kind of information looking.
The face of communication changed with advent of newpaper. As the technology advanced, many other mass media interacting devices like radio,television and internet came into action.Though, these devices have many positive sides, still , I believe they cannot outweigh the eminence of newspaper.
It is considered by some people that graduating from university is the optimum solution to find a good job. While others having experience and communication skills, help them to secure their job. Which is more important, a degree or skills? Both the views need to be discussed.
There are plenty of options available to select from, for a person who want to spend his spare time. However, while some people believe that watching sports is waste of time, I agree wth those who argue that spending leisure time is matter of personal choice and watching sports should not be excluded from it.
It is individual’s choice that which mode of hobby he/she likes to pursue in thier spare time. While some people believe that watching film is waste of time, I agree with those who argue that it has certain benefits too.
It is nothing new that people like to pursue a hobby in their spare time. However, while, some people believe that it should be tough in nature, I agree with those who argue that level of difficulty is not the mere criteria for selecting a hobby.
There is no doubt that sports play significant role in bulding nation’s identity. However, it is a debatable topic that whether a country should host a sporting event. While some believe that it does more harm than good, I agree with those who argue that these events must be welcome because of their considerable advantages.
There is no doubt that the society needs variety of public infrastuctures to grow and progress. While some believe that infrastucture like library are not as important as others are, I would agree with those who argue that this utility is also equally contrubute in the development of the society.
A large number of adults these days are working to earn a living. And to make it a lovable experience, it is more important to be satisfied from the job. This essay will discuss the factors contributing to it as well its possibility.
Medical workers in less developed countries have the tendency to migrate to more developed nations for economic purposes. This may result in a few challenges. This essay will discuss the problems arisen from this type of migration as well as possible solutions.
While some people believe that the best policy is to be honest with each other, others argue that it is not always the case. Although I am an advocate for honesty in most situations, there are acceptable lies as long as they come from good intentions.
A number of developing and underdeveloped countries are facing the issue of brain drain. The migration of highly skilled workforce leaves the country with a lack of human resource and finance. There are a number of steps that can be taken to alleviate this problem.
Most of the superstars of current era are known for their lavish lifestyle and bank balance rather than their accomplishments and it is a bad example for the youngsters. In my opinion, I completely agree with this statement as not only does this practice deviate youngsters’ minds from studies but it also makes them set unrealistic ambitions.
The players from different sports need a certain level of fitness to perform on field. However, it is a matter of debate whether physical fitness or mental attitude is the defining quality of a successful sports person. In my opinion, the players need both physical sturdiness as well as mental resilience to perform at an optimum level.
An increasingly number of travelers, nowadays, are interested in travelling to areas having harsh conditions. Visiting such places would undoubtedly, bring a lifetime experience and recognition over social media but this has its own downsides.
It is true that consuming processed food more than a limit will jeopardize health, and same stands for sugar aswell. However, while some believe that the government is resposible for limit the excessed sugar consumption, I would argee with those who argue that it is individual’s duty to take care of their food-intake.
Some people feel that religious festivals are becoming meaningless with most people only wanting to enjoy themselves. I don’t agree with this view. In my opinion, festivals are to be enjoyed. Also I don’t think that people have forgotten their meaning.
Recently many countries believe that work part-time is beneficial for younger generation for their better future,however,others against to this argument as teenagers should focus on their studies.In my opinion, I strongly advocate this approach that doing part-time work gives numerous benefits to students.
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