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In today's globalized world, a lot of entertainment are located on portable devices at persons fingertips. Some claim that this phenomenon has positive aspects. The aim of this essay is justify that such benefits outweigh drawbacks.
Every country has it's own language, this specification can be problomatic for the immigrants, in respect of socialization or employment opportunities.Although, it could be a bit challenging in the begining, but I think it is not a seriousproblem, any language can be learnt with the time.
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It is true that migration to another country where locals do not speak your language poses some serious drawbacks, both socially and practically. Personally, I completely agree with this viewpoint and I will explain why in this essay.
Since its invention, the Internet has affected the way people communicate. Some argue that its influence on the way we communicate is largely negative. However, I believe that the Internet has greatly increased the possibilities for interaction.
In this day and age, possessing the ability of leadership seems to be more essential than others. The controversial issue is that some people claim leadership is an internal ability while others reckon it can be learned. This essay below will discuss both of these views.
Addressing the social cause through the charitable activities and donations to the institutions is a known process where individuals based on their interest or inclination, give away in form of the cash or kind. Instantly, debatable aspect is giving donation to local or national/international bodies. In this eassy, I will discuss about both way of donation and give my opinion on why I believe in giving donation to local charities.
Many believe that college's should make physical activities a mandatory part of the curriculum, this is because, obesity is becoming a growing problem. I agree with this notion to some extent. This essay will discuss how university faciliates excersice, and how some majors are too busy to incorporate subjects such as sports.
Opinions vary on whether the authority is urging industries and businesses be relocated in suburban areas rather than inner cities. I am of the opinion that the disadvantages are eclipsed by the advantages.
Many nations allow anyone to earn as much possible as they can and does not hinder in their monetary gains. However, there are countries, where authorized organizations are responsible for designing the range of salary structure of all the working class. Many people believe that this process is better. I fully concur with the notion that people can earn any amount and should not face any hindrance from own government.
Substance abuse is a serious problem that affects modern society. It is a growing situation that can be present in every social status, and does not discriminate by gender, ethnicity or age. Nowadays, this issue is especially attached to teenagers and young adults. Some measures to prevent its consumption and its consequences have been taken by authorities, but the problem is still present, and if not taken seriously, it can keep affecting more people around the world.
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It is thought by some that the invent of internet enabled people to stay closer while others argue that it increases the isolation in the local communities. Although the internet allows people to contact their loved ones living in foreign countries instantly, however I believe that the people’s online addiction reduces their interaction in the neighbourhood.
Many hold the opinion that life threatening physical activities should be illegal, in contrast, others believe in freedom of choice. Both these opposing views will be discussed in this essay, followed by a reasoned conlcusion.
Many hold the opinion that those who have visited multiple countries are more culturally enlightened and can adapt to others alot better, in contrast, to those who have not. I fully agree with this statement. For the remainder of this essay, I will discuss the reasons why travelling abroad allows different people to co-exist peacefully.
Nowadays, people are adapting to the different food styles rapidly, some of them are good for health and others are bad. Among the bad, fast foods are a major concern because of which the average weight of the people is increasing dramatically. Some individuals argue that the only solution for this problem is to increase the prices of these foods. I do not agree with the statement.
Since the beginning of the modern civilization as we know it, mankind has always been adventurous and thrill seeking. There is a common belief in the public that the people who like play dangerous sports like the scuba diving and the bungee jump should be responsible for their own life, not the rescue workers. I completely disagree with the statement, rescue professionals holds the responsibilities of saving the lives in difficult situations.
In recent times, with the aid of internet and technology, humans can traverse varied geographical areas which were earlier deemed to be unreachable such as The South Pole, The North Pole, The Antarctic, and The Sahara Desert. Although by visiting these places with extreme habitats, tourists can gain cultural knowledge and a source of income, it can also be risky due to the dangers involved.
Many people believe that when choosing the course of study, they should focus on what kinds of careers they can get rather than based on the basis of their interests. While I agree that looking at the types of jobs is very important, I believe that we should not forget about our enjoyment.
In recent times, younger generations of parents believe that the best way to raise their children is by protecting them from feeling inferior to others, but there are also parents who believe that their children have to learn how to cope with frustration, in order to make them stronger and make them realize how the real world is.
The internet is a growing hub for immediate information globally. With its expansion, knowledge is accessible for free, aided by the spread of technological devices. For the remainder of this essay I will discuss the benefits, such as its accessibility to lower socioeconomic groups and the elimination of the cost of buying books. I will also be discussing the drawbacks, namely, inaccurate information and plagiarism.
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One of the increasing health hazards is cancer, the most common type of cancer is lung cancer which is caused due to smoking. Smoking can kill them if they exceed the limit of intake. The consequences are well known yet, they continue to this habit. The main causes of smoking is stress that is caused in the workplace and also the feeling that they achieve while smoking. This can be rectified by making changes in their lifestyle and prepare them mentally.
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