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Type of weather liked by the people depends on their pattern of living. While some people think that living in the warmer area is more preferable, others prefer to live in the coldest place. This essay will consider both sides of argument in detail and put forward evidences why I like to live in the cold places as compared to warm places.
Some languages are in the phase of extinction due to the low population of the speakers. A group of people believes that governments should allocate some budget to preserve these languages, but others think that it would not be effective and efficient. The following essay will discuss both opinions, but I believe that maintaining the diversity of languages is an important thing.
Nowadays, same commodities are available throughout the world due to which not much difference exists between the nations across the world. I believe that it is beneficial for the growth of both the countries as well as the individuals.
It is a wish of everyone to live a free and happy life in a country where they get equal opportunity and thereby secure a better future. A rising number of individuals move from one nation to another, every year, for a variety of reasons. This essay will discuss both the positive and negative aspects migration has on the people and society.
There are certain people who assume that the measurement of intelligence can best be determined by success. However, this is refuted by others who feel that there are other means of measuring intellect. From my perspective, I believe that success can be used as a criterion to gauge individual’s intelligence.
Possession of cars for individuals has been increasing drastically over the past of couple of decades in the major developing countries and apparently, it leads to one of the predominant unsolvable issue for the governments today. I completely agree with the aforementioned statement.
Recently, individuals seem to spend more hours at work. This has a bad effect on people, their families and the community and thus, should be stopped. I must say that I strongly agree with this opinion, and will explain the details in the essay below why I take this stance.
Many people argue that with the increase in human’s demands and the development of technologies, it is necessary for manufacturing new products after being tested on animals. I partly agree with previously mentioned perspective.
It has been observed that recently many people opt to start their own business instead offering their services to a company. One possible reason for this could be the convenience it brings to the person. In my opinion, the main drawback of this trend is the risk of not having a fixed income. This essay will look into these matters in detail.
Although it is thought by some that tourist should cultivate the lifestyle and moral stand of a community, while others believe that visited country ought to accept another culture by the visitors. As well as giving my personal opinion, this essay will discuss why a local government custom and behaviour should be extended, retained, and conversely, the benefits of embracing the other arts.
Science and technology have brought amazing changes in terms of education. There has been a significant rise in the number and diversity of online course available in the past few decades. It is argued by some students that it is a great opportunity, while some believe its efficiency is low compared to in person teaching. This essay will discuss the positive and negative aspects of learning through an online-based teaching.
In this modern world, it has been observed that, most of the people are having diseases because of their lifestyle, what they are following. Some people, including me, argue that, it is individual's ownership to cure their health rather than, thinking the government is responsible to care each citizen's well being. The following easy state both the views and the points to support my view.
Over the last few decades, the traditional family unit has experienced significant changes in terms of how it is structured, and in the roles played by each family member. This essay will consider the nature of these changes and also discuss whether they are beneficial or harmful to families in today's society.
It is considered that the government ought to give financial support to school sports than in professional sports and arts for local people. In my own perspective, I completely agree that funding should be given to institution for sports.
Prominent people are always being followed by the paparazzi anywhere they go. Some people think that the press should not interfere with the private life of celebrities while others believe that it is normal for the profession they have chosen. However, I argue that photographers should acknowledge the personal life of famous people as they are normal persons as well.
It is believed that employers should see personal attributes instead of the qualification and experience of the candidates while hiring them. In my opinion, personal skills are more important in sales job while degree and experience matters the most in the professional jobs.
There is no doubt that being successful is important in today's world. It is argued by some people that becoming successful at sport depends on having an innate ability. However, others believe that hard work and training is more significant. In my opinion, I feel that hard work and practice is necessary to becoming succesful in sport.
While few individuals believe that growth in leisure amenities render great health improvement, others argue that, this provision is not a significant factor for health improvement as aspects like motivation and persistence take the priority for the development of fitness. This essay will firstly discuss why the former statement is not a viable solution and then supports the latter argument.
Punishment is important to help children to learn the difference between right and wrong. In my opinion, punishment is not necessary. Punishment should not use to teach children because this method has negative effects with children. Parents and teachers should teach a lesson to children for improving their good behaviour.
Some would argue that it is unfair to set a common age of retirement for every worker of any occupation. They say that people who follow certain careers should be allowed to retire and given pensions sooner than others. I strongly agree with this idea as some jobs damage individuals’ health at early ages, and retirement before 65 is beneficial to those who work in harsh conditions.
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