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Nowadays, working from home has spread up all over the world. More and more individuals are operating from their houses in some nations. This essay will discuss the positive and negative aspects of this fashion.
Schools provide education for young ones, including those with anti-social behaviours, that can affect other students. Hence, it is argued by some people that students who are unruly and disobedient should be separated and instructed differently from others. I agree with this view, as it would help improve academic performance and protects students from harmful influences.
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It is stated that the recent coverages have a negative influence because they are concentrating on urgent issues while ignoring the upsides. From my point of view, I totally disapprove of this statement.
The scientific community has largely been divided over the notion of sending messages to extra-terrestrial life forms. While some are of the opinion that we need to contact these intellectual outer space creatures, others believe that, such an attempt could be disastrous. In my opinion, we should try to contact other life forms, because it will help us in making massive discoveries. This essay with discuss both these views.
The idea that children should occupy themselves during their leisure time is a frequent topic of discussion among parents. While some people believe that children are to be encouraged to engage in organized group activities, other people think that it is beneficial for them to be able to keep themselves occupied when they are less busy. In my opinion, I believe children would benefit tremendously when they are exposed to working together in a group, rather than being independent.
For decades, environmental issues are becoming a major concern globally. While some people believe that the major threat to the environment is the loss of specific flora and fauna at the present time, others argue that various parameters are responsible for the rise of environmental problems. However, in my opinion, other factors such as global warming and greenhouse gases are contributing in a large amount to the destruction of the environment in comparison to the extinction of a particular type of plants and animals.
It is argued that that the people can not affect positively on their habitat, but also either public administrators or big enterprises alone can perform it. I disagree that administrators and firm alone can effect improvement to the territory because the people are closer to their home as well as have the time to execute a project that can boost the surroundings.
Sharing knowledge in the fields of science, education and trade is a heavily debated topic. While some people are of the opinion that any knowledge obtained should be shared actively and deliberately, others hold the belief that, it is vital to have some information classified. In my opinion, information should be shared extensively by all means, because that is the way we can aspire to evolve and develop, as a species. In this essay, we will throw a glimpse on both these views.
There is a split opinion regarding given token and presents to your loved ones as a way of showing your affections towards them.Some believe that it is paramount whereas another group of thinkers support an alternative means to express your care.However, both views will be discussed and my opinion will be stated.
People’s opinion towards public libraries is various. Some people perceive that public libraries play a crucial role in the society while others disagree. In this essay, I shall discuss both perspective in detail before reaching a final verdict that the library is essential for the public.
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Developing countries have always been wealthy with a large proportion of natural resources, and a higher standard in their public sector. Some people argue that their wealth should be used to help developing countries. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this viewpoint.
Over the last century, the rate at which the population move from one territory to the other keeps increasing. Although this can be beneficial for both individuals and the community, this in effect has led to overpopulation of the society. This essay will discuss further on the pros and cons of such transition.
While many people argue that travelling by plane is only beneficial for the affluent class, I still believe that not only wealthy people but also ordinary citizens have merits of it.
Over the years, English has become one of the prominent languages in the world. The advancement of tourism lead to the popularity of English language all over the world. Some people assert this will contribute English becoming the only global language. This certainly has advantages to communicate with the people. There are some disadvantages too.
In the modern scenario, having a job is significant for a family to lead a stress-free life irrespective of gender. Woman are doing full- time jobs in many countries in order to support their family and the household chores should be shared by a man too, this phenomenon could not see before when women used to look after their children and family all the time, once she got married. I completely agree with the statement and would like to elucidate my supporting points in the following paragraphs.
Throughout history and across all cultures, imprisonment has always been an approach to punishing criminals, while some people advocate that for those whose crimes are not so serious, other approaches, for example, community work, are worth trying. From my perspective, a flexible solution is highly recommended.
Disposing of debris has become a humungous problem to society. Because there are no proper measures to discharge the waste. In this essay I shall discuss my view about the increase in garbage collection and I shall also discuss on ways the government can do to reduce the waste accumulation.
A common saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," illustrates the need to merge within a foreign community, when in a foreign land. In my opinion, it is very vital for an individual to be respectful and acceptive of the traditional values of the place, they visit and it will be implausible to appreciate the true essence of an alien land, without the knowledge of the language.
Nowadays, many business organisations are willing to putting their efforts on creating a rewarding relationship with local communities. One of the main activities for this purpose is providing sports and social services, in my opinion, this expenditure is totally effective with good impacts for both sides.
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The rapid growth of the rubbish amount in many nations is being increasingly witnessed these days. In this essay, I shall discuss the main reasons why this change has occurred and suggest some solutions to prevent this situation from worsening.
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