IELTS Writing Samples Band 7

Learning is a process which never ends, we keep learning throughout our lives. Many people opine that learning is more effective in a group rather than learning alone. The essay will discuss why it completely supports the aforementioned statement.
Many people opt sports like cricket, football, rugby, tennis and other games categories as the main career. I read it during research that people who have selected sports as their professions are actually body smart that is they are extremely fit for physical activities. Some people believe that famous sportsmen are paid more as compare to those who are working in other professions. However, I feel that they are just rightly paid for the hard work, time, money and risk they have taken in their lives.
It is considered by many that rich countries ought to help poor nations when they become unable to meet their basic needs. I, personally, support with this viewpoint; in the following paragraphs I will discuss elaborately that wealthy countries should continue their help in the form of humanitarian relief in order to make a world with no hunger and to extend their business around the universe.
Nowadays, the government of some capital cities in the world initiates the cycling to work movement. To support this program, some nations allocate their spending on building up the cycling facilities so that citizens can go cycling conveniently. It is believed that making cycling a lifestyle is the best course of action to solve the traffic jam problem. This essay will explain why this thought is true and give other reasons related to it.
Family environment and upbringing has huge impact on the psychology of a child. There are several people who opine that the value system with which the parents raise their children, is the prime reason for the success of their children. The essay will discuss reasons why I completely agree to it.
Food is the most basic elements which we require daily. With the advent of new technology people have found out ways to prolong the shelf life of food. This eventually has an impact on the lifestyle of people. This essay will discuss the reasons how the change in cooking habits has influenced our lives.
Criminality is an extremely complex phenomenon with a range of causes. Prison and providing education are two suggested ways to tackle this issue. As well as offering my opinion, this essay will discuss effectiveness of prison and reasons why some people prefer to provide education to alleviate crime.
As of right now, there is a continued rise in the overall population of the world, and it might be considered as the greatest issue faced by the society. There are multiple reasons for this, one of the most important one being that, there is not much of awareness in a considerable amount of individuals. In this essay, the causes of this situation and why it is, to a great extent, the greatest problem faced by everyone on this planet, in the present times, will be discussed.
It is true that there are always the inevitable ups and downs in life and some even argue that difficulties like job dissatisfaction or poverty are acceptable. This idea provokes strong arguments, which I will discuss here.
Anti-aging products and several beauty treatments are really popular nowadays. The reason is so many people, especially women in their 30s, avoid looking older. I believe this trend has both advantages and disadvantages. This essay will explain both points of views related to it.
It is true that some people favour movies produced within their own country. While others argue for more foreign movies and TV programmes to be imported to enrich the nation’s culture, I would argue that it would be better to promote a local entertainment industry.
People hold different views about whether children should be given homework by their teachers. In my view, the setting of homework has an essential role to play in the development of children.
It is considered by many that subjects such as computer and science should be preferred to subjects such as music. Although computer and science are crucial subjects, in my opinion, they cannot replace music as it has its own importance.
It is thought by some that in this contemporary world, aged people have been suffering a lot while others counter this argument by claiming that as compared to the past, the recent times have brought so much of ease into the life of elders. Both points of view will be discussed in-depth in this essay and will conclude by supporting the first argument.
With the advance of up-to-date technology, it seems that online shopping has become an upward trend in many regions. This essay will further examine how this substitution of traditional purchasing habits leaves both positive and negative impacts on the environment and the community, respectively.
Some people argue that strict rules should be released to control loud noise, while others believe they can make as much noise as they want. Much as I am in favour of the former idea, I still take both arguments into consideration in this essay.
Physical activities have become increasingly popular in many regions across the world. While there are supporters of sport’s contributions to many aspects of life, some people insist it means no other than a recreational activity. This essay will discuss both points of view before reaching a reasonable conclusion.
I am writing to apply for the post of Quality Assurance Manager, which was advertised on the Student Affairs Office notice board on 2 September 2016. I believe that my qualifications, personal character and work experience make me a perfect candidate for this job.
I received your letter in my mailbox yesterday. I regret to know that the noise of the drilling machine that has been coming from my apartment since the last two days has been disturbing you. You have mentioned that the noise disrupts your afternoon nap, as it typically begins from 1pm and goes on upto 4pm.
I received your letter in my mailbox yesterday. I regret to know that the noise of the drilling machine that has been coming from my apartment since the last two days has been disturbing you. You have mentioned that the noise disrupts your afternoon nap, as it typically begins from 1pm and goes on upto 4pm.